Saturday, November 01, 2008

3 pouches finished and inspiration for one more

It is chilly with overcast skies today so DH started a bonfire. I went down to sit for a while and thought we should have invited some friends over and had a post Halloween party. Oh well, perhaps next time. I can't sit for long, so I came in to finish adding trims and cords to the pouches.

I thought I was going to stop at three!!!!

Two~~Three~~~That is until I looked at my newest digital image sheet again and saw the little "birds" in the nest. Adorable! I remembered a feathered trim I had been holding on to forever. I added a metal leaf trim which I am calling a feather....hey, it's mine, I can do that :-)I will make some eggs............................add these words.........and create a little fairy pouch with these fabrics.
I know, three pouches with similar colors.....I must be in a blue/brown mode. Go figure!

I'm off to ride an hour on the bike, yesterday I bought Oreo's limited edition Peppermint cream cookies... as Homer Simpson would say, DOH!!!!!!


  1. Hi friend, love your pouches!! Laurie

  2. Love the pouches Pat. Hope you enjoyed your ride.

  3. Hi Pat,
    Haven't been here for awhile and look what I've been missing. Your work is beautiful and so inspiring.
    Your blog has changed a lot and I have enjoyed exploring everything..
    A real treat and thank for the lovely time I have had...
    I won't stay away so long...

  4. hi pat
    i love these pouches-esp the purple one-magic comes from your fingertips :)
    sounds like you had a lovely day at the sea...mmmmmmm i love the sea anytime of the year! and new mermaid tears-you had a great day!
    enjoy your day

  5. Your pouches are beautiful.

  6. such beautiful pieces - how do you do it all?!
    love all the pouches!

  7. G'day Pat
    These little pouches are adorable - I can't wait to see the 'nestlings' when complete ... OOroo ... Bethel of Bethania


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