Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vegging out

Where does time go and where have I been?I have been busy reorganizing my studio and just caught up on all the wonderful and encouraging comments you have left. I appreciate them very much. I see I am not alone in my thinking, that is reassuring. Thank you.

I also just found our new issue of CQMag is ready for viewing. I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday I discovered a message on my phone. It was from a lady I was introduced to at the quilt show. She is a quilter and seamstress had some fabrics and trims she thought I could use for CQ. I returned her call, and we arranged to meet that afternoon since she just lived in the next town. What a delightful woman. Her studio is to die for,and her work is beautiful. To my amazement, she had several boxes and bags filled with fabrics, lace and trims she wanted me to have. My knees were about to buckle at this offer. I was in shock (still am). She refused money, so I am making her a CQ purse. I hope I can make something to her liking. I know she loves red,and what her style is from her work. This should be a fun challenge. I will share photos when available.

Now I desperately needed more room, so I took the past two days to completely clean out my studio and rearrange it a bit. I tossed so much junk, and it felt great. I also have several bags of fabrics to offer the CQ class on Wed. We were discussing building a fabric stash, and now they will get a good start because of Joan. You can't receive such things and not share.

Last night I received some upsetting news. Ellen's Greyhound, Beau had passed away suddenly. I loved him as if he were my own. He was so gentle and sweet. I will miss him terribly and hope I don't cry the next time I go to Ellen's without him there to greet me.

This morning, despite laziness and cramps, I forced myself to attend the Interwoven Expressions Fiber Art show. It is the show I was a part of last year. I am glad I went, it was very nice, as usual. I found a few neat gift items such as a large triangular emery filled wool pin cushion which also serves as a weight(for me), a little felted Santa pin, a tiny silk ribbon embroidered jar with seeds inside, a woven basket with beading around the top edge, hand made paper cards from Women Craft, an organization that keep women in jobs located in Chicago, a felted ball necklace, and a silk business card holder. I chatted a bit and home I went, to dress in my sweatshirt and jeans, and settle in with a cup of raspberry tea as I vegged out on the couch. Sometimes you just need to do nothing.
My plans were to decorate the front porch, which I now know just isn't going to happen. I wish I would have done it when I planned instead of doing yard work,but DH said I should wait until the soybean field across the street was harvested because of the dust it would leave on everything. It is an awful mess each year, so I put it off, and they harvested on Friday. The air was beige and soybean debris filled the air. Naturally the wind was blowing my direction. Oh well, the world won't end if I don't have a decorated porch........I guess.

Monday I hope to add things to etsy and start on some eyeglass case orders so my mind can be clutter free when I start on Joan's purse. I also hope to do a little felting. An idea has been stuck in my head, and I need the room so it has to come out. :-)

I hope you all have a great weekend doing something you enjoy!


  1. Hi Pat ~ I am catching up on reading my favorite blogs and as always I am enchanted with your pictures and the beautiful way you describe your daily life. Your blog always makes me smile and wish I were like you :+}. Anyway, I was reading the post about your son turning 23 and you called it the "golden birthday"...what does that mean? My oldest child, a daughter, will turn 23 in February - is 23 a special birthday that I should know about or is 23 special for your son because you were that age when he was born? Please enlighten me.
    I so enjoy you daily entries and pictures. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the cold weather that is coming. I do not like the cold and it is going to be cold in north Alabama this next week. Burrrrr. Stay warm, Lana, Scottsboro, Alabama

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about Beau--I'd just met him a couple of weeks ago. He was a sweetie.

    We stayed home this weekend and did chores and I didn't get out to the show--I'm glad it was a nice one. You found some lovely things! Marjorie


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