Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Morning tranquility

It is so quiet here right now. Well, it is every morning,but this morning I appreciate it much more. After rushing around to get projects made and kits put together, tags and signs printed, items checked for flaws, etc, I must say I am very happy I don't do shows on a regular basis. Although I really enjoyed this show and would do it again, it was a different world for me. One I enjoy visiting,but don't want to live there.

Tonight is the CQ class at the Art Center and I gained two more students last night. A woman and her daughter fell in love with CQ and wanted to take the class. I gave the daughter a spider kit to play with. When she phoned last night, she said her daughter already made her spider and is very anxious to learn CQ. I couldn't turn them away even though my class was filled. I am prepared though. I spent the evening printing off instructional sheets, gathering supplies to share and put together folders for each of them to take home for reference. It is hard to retain everything you see and learn in class. I thought it would be nice to demonstrate Angelina and Crystalina fibers as well as Kreinik fusible threads with this first part of the class. I want newbies to know what all is available to them.

Next week I will be filling my etsy shop. I have a few eyeglass cases, coin purses,and regular purses, as well as the hand transferred images and silk ribbon to put on. It is so bare right now, I am embarrassed.
Here are a few Halloween images for you to enjoy.
I hope to decorate my porch for Autumn tomorrow. We don't get trick or treaters anymore, so it will be for my own enjoyment. I want to make a new wreath, so I plan to hit Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon for some beautiful leaf garland and berries. Along the road I have a supply of bittersweet. The orange berries will fit nicely in the red and gold leaf arrangement with acorns and berries dripping down one side and tied with a beautiful sheer printed bow. Perhaps a few decorative gourds in a wooden bowl placed on the little tea table? Indian corn would be nice too.

The sky is a beautiful pale blue with pink lines . The tree tops are "painted" in golds and oranges, and the air is crisp. Yes, Autumn has arrived in all it's glory.
I recieved my issue of Victoria yesterday but don't have time to browse, so I placed it on the tea cart in the kitchen along with a packet of mint cocoa to enjoy tomorrow morning wrapped in a quilt swinging on the front porch inhaling the crisp cool air and being content with my surroundings.
Life is good.

We do not need to have what we want, but want what we have.....a lesson I am always reminded of.
Have a great day!


  1. The images are just lovely. THanks for sharing them, they are beautiful!

  2. Pat, you're a very busy woman...good busy that is! Glad the show went well and your class sounds like it's going to be fun with a packed class.
    Your a good do I take the extra steps to insure your students learn and know it all in calss and when they leave...not many teacheers do that. I love hand outs in a class because your right they can't retain it all.
    I'm anxious for your items to get into your etsy shop...I would like some of your ribbons and images...I missed out on the last!
    I'm trying my hand at CQ's been over 20 years since I last tried it.
    Oh my was I long winded or!


  3. PS...yes a the images you post on your blog!

  4. Lovely post, Pat -- hope the rest of this beautiful day is just as peaceful . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  5. I love to read your adventures. I can imagine exactly what you describe. Thank you Pat for sharing.

  6. Pat, I too love the piece & quiet where I live. You do get used to it and I never take it for granted.
    I'm surprised to hear you don't get any trick or treaters anymore, is there a reason for this ?
    After visiting the States in 96 I fell in love with Halloween so I put up flags, put out the pumpkins and celebrate a bit myself.
    Enjoy your quiet time :-)
    Cheers, Larna

  7. Your description of your morning makes it very desirable. It sounds as if you are having a lovely fall day. Your class will undoubtedly be wonderful!

    The quote is just perfect.

  8. Oh how I wish I lived close by...your cq class sounds just lovely. I love handouts! They make for a nice reference and certainly do help when you get home and don't have that example in front of you.
    I love reading your blog! Thank you for such lovely images. Lana


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