Sunday, October 19, 2008

More catching up to do....but slowly....and with a smile

Whew! I can't tell you how nice it feels to wake up with no "TO DO" list swimming in my head. I am so stress free that I even slept in a little and when I got up DH was cooking breakfast. I wasn't hungry but had toast and vanilla coffee anyway.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling too well and missed Ellen's open studio walk. I did go visit my mom knowing it was a quick ride home if I started to feel worse. It was a needful visit, Mom had fallen last week, and luckily she only has black bruises to show for broken bones...whew! She is alright, and wants to go see a movie this week. Nights in Rodanthe. We are probably the last to see it, but we will see it.
I think a Chinese lunch would be a nice surprise for her too.

I am enjoying taking it easy and regrouping.I decided to finish some projects this week, starting today, so I grabbed my charm bracelet from the Pink Charm exchange Amber Dawn hosted, my jump ring tool and headed downstairs to plant myself in front of the TV with DH. I removed my charms from the bracelet as it was much too heavy to wear on my wrist. Instead, I had found a nice large linked chain to add them to.

I think wearing it with a sweater, white shirt, or jean jacket will be fun. I decided to add other special treasures I have been collecting from friends as well. I have hand painted sea glass to add from Laura, wired sea glass from Teri, a heart charm encrusted with jewels from Amber, and many more. I ran out of large jump rings so I will finish after I pick some up on Tuesday...when I get my overdue drivers license...YES! I forgot to renew my license and am driving illegally...please don't tell! What can I say? Sept was a busy month, you can't expect me to remember such details...can you? ;-0

I will then finish the pendant for a friend, and a doll for another friend. I must also add items to my etsy which is bare bones right now. I have a few things to gather for Wednesdays class which will be learning embroidery stitches. I have three more dozen Comfort dolls to find homes for. This keeps my heart singing. At the quilt show I met a sweet woman who is making dolls for the project. How cool is that?

The "Love Squared" doll and all other prizes were given out and I was so happy to see who won. Things happen for a reason, and this was one more thing to prove my belief. Congratulations to the winners, and hugs to all who donated and participated one way or another. We did good! Monica.....what can I say???? You ROCK girl! My pendant prize donation was won by Christy Thornburg of Muncie IN...a fellow Hoosier!!! It will be mailed tomorrow Christy! Thanks for donating, and I hope you enjoy!!!!

The sun is shining but it is on the cool side so I won't be digging glads and canna bulbs today. Instead I will be tucked away in my studio adding labels to comfort dolls and stitching away on the pendant and whatever else I have time for. I have many projects to play with and cannot to start sending out surprises.......soon.

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  1. Pat I was wondering if I can use the picture of this beautiful lady? I would like to use her in an art project.


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