Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm baaaack!

I am either delusional or pigs now fly because I just saw gasoline selling for $3.08!!!!!!!!!!! I had to turn my head to read the sign again.I though perhaps a bug was in my eye blurring my vision or something .WOW!

That was a fast trip but I enjoyed every mile. Any trip to see my son is a good one. On the way home I saw a huge pumpkin filled field, rows of freshly bailed hay rolls, fields of sorghum, and the bluest skies. I smelled honey, black walnuts, and once in a while a cow, LOL. You have to expect that when driving through a dozen small Midwest towns. The temperature could not have been more perfect for a motorcycle ride. I love Autumn!!!!

Ok, for the quilt show report. The first hour was a bit uncomfortable, but as I saw CQ interest and people started asking questions, I was in my element. I was happily surprised to see so much interest in crazy quilting. I have a list of people who want a class. Wednesday's class at the Art Center is filled. It looks like I will be a busy gal. One gal was so excited, I had to smile. She got in the class this morning before it was closed. She will be fun.

I met several fellow bloggers who read my blog, and was so surprised.I guess I thought I was the only one blogging around here,LOL. Such nice women too. Hi ladies!!!! Lelia was one of them. I should have taken blog link or names. It was really nice to see people look at crazy quilting and "get it". There were two young girls very interested as well. One mother took my card and info to help her arrange a class time. That is a good mom to encourage handwork and sewing.

Marjorie stopped by and we had a nice chat. It was great to see her smiling face. A few of her friends had stopped by a bit earlier, so I knew she was in the house! :-) I enjoyed our visit Marjorie and am so happy you made it.

On Saturday I took a few pictures of my area and had planned on having someone take a picture of me and Marjorie for my scrapbook, but I totally forgot about it in my excitement. My mind was whirling. This is the only picture that isn't blurry. The one of the entire table is horrible. I have no idea why unless I had the wrong settings. I should familiarize myself with my camera I guess.

Lois Jarvis , who made the "Ground Zero" quilt was there showing her beautiful and incredible quilt. It sows 600 pictures of the faces of those who died in 911. To learn more go here. This is an awful photo, and again, I have no idea why. It is the center area of Lois' quilt. You can see the whole quilt image on the postcard in the next photo.

Lois has a scarf featured in the newest issue of Quilting Arts gifts. I saw it and it is beautiful. She rust dyes and gave me a beautiful fabric and satin ribbon to play with. She also sold tiny plastic crayons,pens and scissors for the Inner Child dolls,and I had to have all she had. I did get three dragonflies made of soft rubber to stitch to my work as well. Lois not only shares my mother's name, but she also is a very nice woman with quite a talent.

One woman who knew I would be there brought her grandmother's crazy quilt to show me. It was such a treat to see an authentic crazy quilt. What a treasure for her to own a crazy quilt from her own family. Beautiful yes?

A friend of mine, Ryne, whom I've known since I moved into this house stopped by to relieve me for lunch and to stretch my legs.That was so sweet and much welcomed. I took my camera and on the way I saw this pretty quilter who was the greeter, sitting under this gorgeous grandmother's flower garden quilt, one of my favorite patterns. I just had to ask for a photo. Isn't she lovely with the quilt background. I will have to print this and send her a copy.

I strolled down to the "Designing Women" display to see some of the finished seascapes from the class I taught them in the Spring. They blew me away. I was put to shame seeing such work. I also learned that the Designing Women group has been in Belle Armoire a few times. How did I miss that? This is one of the seascapes, and you guessed it, the others are too blurry to see. Argh!I spotted this little quilt on the way back to my table and it reminded me of Allie's style. A contemporary twist on CQ. The three dimensional flowers are all Allie! This piece is so pretty in person.

Last night when the show was about to wrap up, I had a chance to run to the flea market area. I knew nothing would be left, but I just had to look. I was working my way around the room and was at the last table when I spotted my treasure. Yes....vintage laces...two bags of lace and crochet pieces. Ahhhhhhhh! A lace fix. I made my purchase and hurried off to break down my area and head home to put my feet up and grab a vanilla coffee in my cozy chair. It was a good show.

I could not believe I sat across the large table filled room a day and a half without knowing beads were a few yards away. How did that happen? I ran....I mean walked over to the bead table and met the owner of the bead shop .One I have frequented a few times but every time I have been in her shop, there was someone working for her,so we had never met. Within a minute of talking to her, we hit it off. She is fun and crazy and very sweet. She wants to learn CQ,and I am willing to teach her. She is a perfect candidate, and she appreciates beads and understands bead addictions. LOL. Today is her mother's birthday.When she stopped at my booth I showed her the first Inner Child doll I had made. A lady had asked me about them on Saturday so I took one to show her. Anyway, Myra loved it. I told her I would make her one, but as the day wore on, I knew this doll was meant for her. The look on her face when she held it to her cheek and inhaled the sweet lavender was pure bliss. I knew it would be going home with Myra, it was meant to be. I would much rather let someone love it than it be pinned to my cork board. I wrapped it in pink tissue and placed it in a pink bag . Just before I left, I placed it in front of her and hurried away. On my last trip to the car we hugged and parted new friends. I can't wait to get together and play.

The guild members, the vendors, and the customers were just exactly who you would want to meet at a quilt show. It truly was fun and I was shocked at how much CQ items were purchased. Happy, but shocked. The comments were plentiful, but one that struck me most was from a man who I thought to be an executive type, strolling behind his wife and daughter. He stopped to inspect "Life Within A Garden" and then what items were left on my table and told me they were in a category of their own, "Magnificent". WOW! From a man, that was really nice. At least I thought so. Perhaps there is hope for us crazy quilters yet. One day everyone will be familiar with this beatiful Art of yesteryear. In the meantime.....lets keep encrusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great evening...I am off to print out class sheets. ;-) Thanks to all who left the encouraging comments when I was nervous and fearing Saturday to arrive. I lived through it...yeah!!!! I appreciate you all.


  1. Pat, sounds like you had a wonderful time....with all the new friends and the new doesn't get better then that.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pat, you made me want to be there. It sounds like a great time and lots of fun. Congradulations, Sharon

  3. I already wanted to be there from reading about it on someone's blog, and now this sounds even better! I'm so glad it went well for you.

  4. Pat, what a wonderful coupld of days you've had. Lace,pretty things all around and new friends too. How wonderful. Your table looked great.
    The grandmothers flower garden quilt brings back memories of my grandmother, it was the first quilt she made me.
    Cheers, Larna

  5. That gentleman was right, you know!

    Kathy V in NM

  6. Pat what a fun time you had and I'm so glad that CQ'ing is gaining more fans. Good luck on your teaching gigs! Sounds like such fun!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful show, wish I could have been there, especially to visit your booth, the vintage lace place and the bead place!

  8. Anonymous9:38 AM CDT

    It sounds like a wonderful time. Where was it again?? Did you tell us?
    I would love to see your booth in person and meet you.
    Especially being i am a midwest girl as well.
    I plan on attending the Victorian Workshop at Wichta, Kansas this November. Looking forward to that.
    It is always good to get inspired.
    Bonnie from Iowa

  9. Pat...congratulations! It sounds like you had a delightful time and that the show was a great success! How fun to meet new friends too! I enjoyed seeing the pictures you took...beautiful quilts...nice new lace stash...and your table looked wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing! ~Lisa ;-)

  10. Pat, Glad you had some time to spend with your son, as brief as it might have been. What a delightful show you must have been involved in. Glad it went well.
    Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers concerning DH's job. It is hard for him spending his whole career of 33 years at one place and now starting all over again.

  11. oh yes, Ma'am Pat, your works are really wonderful. i will be following your blog if you don't mind it.

  12. Hi Pat ... Glad you had such a great time at the show...and not surprised that you had lots of positive feedback & interest in classes! You go girl!

  13. Hi Pat: I'm sure your classes are full!!! I hope you decide to have another one real soon. I'd enjoy learning some basics, so next time around, I'll sign up : )

    Always, L.

  14. Pat, it sounds like your craft show has given you a real shot of adrenalin! It's wonderful, isn't it, to connect with other artists and appreciative people. I'm so happy for you! It IS a lot of work to do a show, but to come home with the rewards of all the compliments you so richly deserved - wonderful!


  15. I needed to visit you too! My goodness, you find all the most beautiful treasures. I wish I could spend a whole day shopping with you, because I'd have the best time of my life! I know I would. Your show pieces look awesome! I could just dive right into those remarkable artworks of yours. I shall have to be content with drooling over my keyboard for now! I also just love the colors you work with! lots of love!


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