Friday, October 17, 2008

Great class

Class folders were filled......

Treasure packs were tucked inside......we all need a little stash to grow on.... was raining all day, but that didn't stop the sun from shining on my day. The eight students were a delight, and I cannot wait to teach them embellishing.
The class went very well except time flew by too quickly. As you know when you are having fun, time passes much too fast. I think everyone had fun and now enjoys crazy quilting.

I was happy to see a friend there.I had no idea Karen, a neighbor and friend signed up for my class. That set me at ease immediately when I saw her smiling face. (Thanks Karen) I phoned Karen last night and she said she was addicted,LOL. Yes!!!!!
Here is Karen with her featherweight. Karen and her freind Rebecca are taking the class together, which always makes a class more fun. I will get a photo of Rebecca next class, a few photos were too camera is not cooperating......or yes, it could be the photographer.
I was also happy to see the mother and daughter from the quilt show there. Mary, and Rebecca (#2), were really getting into it.
Some will be making wall hangings, a few are making purses. They will be creating a project at home this week,with the class piece being for practice. I am excited to see their new work next Wed.

I also met Jill at the quilt show. She was too cute as she returned to my booth for a "peek" several times. Her excitement is contagious. If you all could take a peek in Jill's stash , (the clear plastic bag), your heart would beat a little faster. She showed me vintage laces, bead soup, oh my! Lots of goodies!!!!!

Dorothy was shopping at Hob Lob a week and a half ago when she spotted a crazy quilt purse I was carrying and learned of the class. She is well on her way to making her own purse to enjoy. Go Dorothy!
Wendy and Sue have got it down as well. They joked around about "ugly" blocks, but if they only had seen my first one.....we won't go there. Let's just say I was glad no one was around at the time for me to share it with :-) You girls are doing just fine.

Yesterday I played catch up in my studio. I straightened and organized from the quilt show and class. It was getting out of hand and I really needed it in order so I could gather supplies for the next class session.

With that behind me, I can exhale.

I awoke this morning to angell's tiny head on my pillow. She is so cute.....even if she does snore loudly. I jumped u, grabbed a bottle of water, and rode my stationary bike 30 minutes then straightened the house so I could play outdoors.
Waiting for the sun to rise, I made a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies because the weather invited a home filled with sweet scents. I will enjoy one(maybe two) with tea after I decorate the porch.

I am off to the attic for my pumpkins and things, but I will leave you with this bit of nature. There were five deer down by the creek . I zoomed in on these two through the studio window before they all fled to the woods. I wonder if they are related to the two that spent the Summer with us last year? I'd like to believe they are. Have a wonderful day, and don't forget to smile!


  1. Pat,
    I wish I could have been a member of your class, gosh even a little mouse in the corner would do :c}
    I have always wanted to learn to CQ but never found the time. Now that I have the time I can't find anyone here that does CQ :c{ Quilting on a whole is not an art practised here, so finding classes and materials isn't realistic. And as yet I haven't found an expat who CQs either :c{ But I'm not giving up hope.

    Pat, I'm having a little giveaway at my digs. Stop by and leave me a comment.:c}

    Pattie :c}
    Mazatlan Mexico

  2. Hi Pat ... fabulous that your class went so well...I see you have more CQ addicts in the making! That doesn't surprise me...your work would addict anyone!

  3. Your class sounds and looks like such fun! It would be fun to take it even already knowing how to cq. =) Your description of how your morning started today made me envious. I could jump out of bed. I could make oatmeal cookies. There's no room for a bike! There are bunnies wandering around here and owls hooting at night, but not a deer to be found anywhere. =)


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