Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good morning

It is definitely Autumn when I get in a baking mood. You should smell the house right now. I made rum cakes last night to distribute to a neighbor and my brother on my way to visit mom this morning. A Halloween treat! I thought it would be nice to surprise Bill and Marilyn. I've known Bill forever,we grew up together, and his wife, Marilyn is the sweetest person. She has a laugh that is contagious, you know the kind where you have to smile, or laugh yourself when you hear it? I would like to laugh like that. My laughs are silent..the boring kind, but I do laugh a lot so perhaps that makes up for it..LOL. Anyway, Bill and Marilyn have been together for as long as I can remember and they are really a neat couple who are down to earth and can do anything. Marilyn attended the quilt show a few weeks ago and I thought it would be nice to surprise them with rum cakes. We need to get together more often. Possibly there is an interest in CQ!!!!

I had a few inquiries about "Golden" birthdays. Let me explain.....when you turn the age your birthday is on, it is your "Golden" birthday. It is THE special birthday and you celebrate by doing whatever you want. Mom would give us extra gifts on our Golden birthday.My youngest brother was three when he had his, and I'm sure doesn't remember. I was a little bummed when I wasn't celebrating mine with mom at home, because my in laws had no idea about it, as it may be a family thing. I'm not sure. If it is, you are welcome to borrow the idea for your family. It is fun growing up knowing you had a Golden birthday,and it would be a special day planned for you....even if you are on a houseboat in the middle of nowhere turning 30,LOL.

I am off to make pancakes for DH before I head out to deliver rum cakes and have tea with mom. It is chilly this morning, and I am hoping for a beautiful sunrise as I watch from the kitchen. It should be happening soon....gotta go.


  1. The rum cakes sound yummy, as does the tea!

  2. Bonnie Dudley10:33 AM CDT

    your cakes sound wonderful.
    I just read your articles on CQ mag
    Love them. You are a very creative and always have ideas to share!!! & inspire thank you
    Also i just found 2 of your big jars can't wait to add my vintage laces etc.
    Thanks for that tip too!

  3. What a nice neighbor you are! Thanks for sharing about the Golden b'day; that sounds like a fun tradition. Everyone in our family has passed their GBD so it'll have to start with the grandbabies.....

  4. Can I have your recipe for rum cake? Sounds yummy.


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