Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Forgot about these................a sleepless night activity

This past Spring I made some of these and had these three left. I thought they would be nice to sit in a basket at the show for stocking stuffers.

So the other night when I just could not sleep I went downstairs with a bin full of Jacquard ribbons , ribbon flowers and new acrylic beads.
This was the result~~~~~~~~
This morning I thought I would add a little message to the back of each one so I used the sheet of words I bought from Lisa's Altered Art. Patty is the owner and is also the creator of the little altered children I have become fond of. (you can find her on my side bar.
So, I used my mini iron and applied something to each one. I gotta be different don't you know?

I also accomplished a few other things this post!


  1. Pat,

    They are all so beautiful!! your creative abilities are always amazing!!

    Pattie :c}
    Mazatlan Mexico

  2. Pat, these are beautiful! And unique because of the messages on the back.

  3. Those are braclets, right? Oh, I want one...are you selling them on you shop page - or just at the show? They are beautiful! Of course, I am so far from being a "frilly" girl...that I'm not sure what with or where I would it.

  4. Paperdoll (Aus)11:15 AM CDT

    OHHHHH Pat those Embroidered Ribbons are just stunning!!!! I just love them!!!! Wondering if you would consider selling me some for altered art and scrapbooking....Please!!!!I just adore embroidery, and all things girly, but just dont have time to sew my self at present.....
    Would you please consider...
    My email address is
    Look forward to your reply... I dont have a blogg as yet but it's being planned... so hopefully soon... You do such beautiful work!!! Stunning!! and soooo inspiring!!! Thankyou for sharing..
    Lou x


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