Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fast fingers at midnight!

I am so tired this morning, but it was worth it. I wanted to make something for Suzi Q so I worked past my bedtime, and the mice in the attic's bedtime to finish this Optical pendant. I am trying to find a source for old rhinestone necklaces to salvage for this purpose. If anyone knows of a source, or has any to sell, please let me know. This piece around the pendant was from a broken bracelet mom gave me years ago. I told you I save everything!!!! TIAThe photo resembles Suzi Q . I hope she likes it.

I wanted to share this beautiful watercolor painted card from Sharon Chapman.

The thread spools with the flower is just perfect. I am having it framed for my studio. It is true, Threads are the threads that bind! Thank you Sharon. I love the card and the lace goodies. I am collecting purple "stuff" for a purse I am planning to make for myself when things slow down around here. I am including bits from all my friends who have sent purple stuff. The lace and yo yo will be included. :-).

I am off of here for the day. It will be a busy one. Sewing until 11:00 and getting ready to meet Suzi Q at 12:00, then home again to sew. I am getting there, but it sure is a long road.
Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Of course Suzi will love this pendant!
    Hope you are having a great reunion with your old friend...

  2. I love the little watercolor!! How are you...Sorry, I haven't been by, but I did some catching up! Laurie

  3. ~*Happy Belated Birthday Pat!*~

    Do you have a tax ID?
    I can send you links to sellers that sell the rhinestone stuff wholesale.



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