Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Busy week!!!

I don't know when I've had a busier week. I had a great day with mom yesterday. After she picked the name and waited for me to post it, we went to see "The women", which was a fun chick flick. I have to say I did not recognize Annette Bening. She did not look like herself at all. Meg Ryan has changed a bit as well. I guess I see her as never aging, but we all do right? She is still one of my favorites, and I could relate to her character, except for the cheating husband that is.Eva Mendes is gorgeous as always,Debra Messing was.....well , a mess. I love her, but they sure did a number on her , Jada Pinkett Smith was sassy and wonderful. I loved her character.I didn't notice until halfway through that there was an absence of the theater and in the movie. Kind of strange, but also kind of nice. (sorry if any men are reading)

Last night my friend from beauty college phoned. I was so happy to hear her voice, and you won't believe this, but as I was walking into the movie theater for a brief moment she popped into my mind and I thought I need to hunt her down for a visit. You can imagine the shock when she called the very same day. We are meeting tomorrow and I can't wait to see her. It has been so many years. I was Sue's Maid of honor and she was mine, then we both had a child after three years, and drifted apart after that.We were like Laverne and Shirley. We did such crazy things. As we were reminiscing, I was laughing so hard my stomach was sore. I felt complete after we hung up, like a part of me was missing and I found it again. I'm really excited to see her. What a great birthday gift!

I received more comfort dolls and posted them. I still haven;t heard back from the shelter in GA, so I will give up and phone another so I can mail the 29th dz off this week. Hopefully the 30th will go out next week. Still amazed at the donations continuing to pour in. I can't thank the donors enough for their generosity and caring.

I am off to stitch, and read my e cards. Thanks everyone for such a great birthday month! Now it's time to carve pumpkins! Have a great day!

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