Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Been busy..................post2

Over the weekend I got a lot accomplished...I think. Saturday we closed the pool for the season. The water was crystal clear,the sun was shining, and I was wishing I could get in one more swim, but 60 degrees is even too chilly for me.
As I was sweeping up a few leaves and wishing it were Spring and we were just opening it, I realized if that were the case, I would get no rest! So I finished my part and DH closed it up.

A sweet little package arrived in the mail from stitching and blogging friend, Judy Shaw. Pretty fabrics, thread, and Scottie (sp?) dogs! What a lovely surprise. Judy, thank you for this treat, you are so thoughtful! I love everything and will put it to good use!
Ok, enough about being spoiled rotten by much too generous and so very thoughtful friends.....Now to get back to work.............I made three coin purses ....
....and finished two of the swing purses I had gathered fabrics for last week. The Turquoise looks better in person. I can't seem to configure my camera like it was before I messed it up by touching the screen in the wrong places too many times . Perhaps I should get out the instruction booklet?????

I enjoyed working with the peach colors and I love playing with Gail's altered images.

I even used one of Gail's images, from the current challenge, for a tutorial for the upcoming issue of CQMag.

Last night I started on a few ribbon bracelets to have small items available. I designed and printed my labels and price tags,and organized my "To Do" list. Time is flying, but I think I will be ready to set up by Friday morning....fingers crossed.

I have Hawaiian bread in the bread maker and beef stew in the slow cooker on this windy crisp Autumn day sending the most wonderful aroma throughout the house. No need for candles today. I am off to work on my last lingering article for CQMag and then to continue my work for the show....two and a half days left.........................

Have a good one!


  1. Pat, the purses are gorgeous. What is the show you are getting ready for ?
    I wish I was closer.
    Your mail box has had some great treats in it for you...

  2. Love the coin purses, Pat. And glad you rec'd your pkg....wasn't real sure of the address! Can you even believe how fast summer flew by?

  3. Pat you've done it a again. I shall rename you "Ms.Speedy" and everything you do is beautiful. Do you ever sleep? Sharon :-)

    PS I just know you will do very well at the show. Wish I could just drop in.....

  4. These are all "Oh, so beautiful"!

  5. Wow Pat...you've really been busy!
    Love the purses! Good Luck with the show...I'm sure they'll love all you work.

  6. Hi Pat...swinging by and catching up! You have been busy! Starting to get things ready for fall and winter too!

    What a lovely gift from Judy! Your coin and swing purses are beautiful! Stew and bread sound wonderful...yum!!!

    Good Luck with the show!

    Hugs...~Lisa ;-)

  7. These purses are fabulous!! I'm a bit intimidated by sewing (can't even sew my daughter's pointe shoe ribbons correctly:) but seeing these makes me want to try.... Happy Fall!

  8. You give happiness and creativity a good name, Pat!


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