Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beautiful Sunrise...sentimental mood...longish

Another of nature's gifts this morning. My favorite time of day is early morning.Either sitting in the kitchen or my front room, you will find me facing East staring out across the field at the amazing colors. I love the periwinkle sunrises in the summer,but the tangerine and fuchsia in Autumn is extraordinary. I enjoy watching the sun rise almost every morning. It is more beautiful than the photo of course. We cannot capture the true beauty with a camera. Just look at those colors.
Tomorrow my baby celebrates his "Golden Birthday" and turns 23. Being a man he could not care for such things, but you know how I am...sentimental. I can't help but feel a little melancholy today. I thought I would take you on a little journey......

On my golden birthday I was on Lake Powell with my DH's family on a houseboat.It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. So peaceful,and breathtaking. This was taken of our clan when we went to shore to camp one night. Talk about privacy!!!!!If you ever need a destination for a family reunion, Lake Powell is the place to go. We took two extra boats, rubber tubes, and a huge whale. It was a blast! Ed was four years old and had attention from 4 uncles and 4 aunts as well as grandma,mom,and dad. He did very well.

I guess this is what you call "barefoot and preganant"? This was me 23 years and one month ago. I was due in a month and we went camping at Indiana Beach....what were we thinking?
So many memories of our little man playing on the lakeshore....building sandcastles....

collecting pretty rocks with mom....
and just being dads buddy.
They grow much too quickly don't they?

Thank goodness we have our memories...such as picnics at the old mill with grandma W....making chocolate chip cookies.....but of course never testing them....hence the chocolate mouth.
trips to Lincoln park zoo on a Saturday morning....
and of course, our many silly Halloween costumes.....Ed...... father, like son?and of course me. Lovely huh?
Alright, I have taken my trip down memory lane. I hope you wern't too bored. It is time for me to do something constructive, so I will catch you all later. Have a great day, and hug your kids!


  1. Love the pictures. Yes I just went down memory lane 9-29 when my son had his birthday. Time travels way to fast. Thank heaven we have our memories. Sharon

  2. Your photos turned out lovely! It is always fun to go back into our memories...

  3. Not bored, Pat...rather, enchanted!
    Thanks so much for sharing this touching history of your family...

    p.s. you look fetching in costume, too. ;-)

  4. Pat,
    You made me feel very teary. I have a son 21 and my daughter 25 who get married in 3 weeks time. I hope I don't cry too much on the day.
    Yes they grow up too fast.

  5. Ah yes, they do grow up so fast. My "golden" son will be 40 in six weeks!!! Now, let me tell you -- this is hard to take in because he still seems a lot younger to me . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  6. My youngest (of 5) will be 36 in December. I still see him jumping out of the tub at 2 years old and streaking out the back door to run around the back yard We are very lucky to have out memories.. Every picture I had of my children as babies was lost in the tornado of Wichita Falls in 1979...but nothing can take away our memories...

  7. Thank you ladies for sharing your thoughts on passing time and children. I enjoyed reading your posts, and we can all comfort each other as years pass. I suppose we just have to look forward to all the wonderful gifts the future holds for us and our children. I for one am looking forward to grandchildren. I have many plans tucked away in my mind for adventures and fun. Thanks ladies. Group hug.


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