Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Almost finished!!!! Surprise from Diane Knott!

I have five more 1"x3" CQ slides ready to press and turn into pendants. There are five round ones waiting for me downstairs to embellish and then I am calling it quits! Yeah!!!!

The mail lady just brought me a packet of sunshine on this gloomy & rainy day. A package from Diane what is she up to?????

This is too cute to open. Just look at that vintage button tied with twine, and the tag is beautiful...So cute! I had to inspect it to see if it was hand is , I think. Perfectly done I might add, even the vintage lace on the corner.I love snowmen!I recognize these, they are taken from some of Diane's paintings. Sweet snowmen coasters for our cocoa, if I will allow DH to use one that is....:-) Ok, I will, with a napkin between the coaster and mug.

Wow! I just realized I don't own any coasters. Hmmmmm! That is odd .Thank you have just civilized me,LOL.
Two sets of recipe cards with homespun graphics that hints...Delicious treats await! Diane, you are very thoughtful to send me these special gifts to treasure. If you are not familiar with Diane, you just have to check out this talented designer. She paints, bakes pies from scratch,gardens, keeps an impeccable studio, enjoys family,and has a talented daughter, Holly, who by the way , has been selected to represent Congressman Jim Walsh's NY district by designing an ornament for one of the trees for the White House.

Diane's paintings are turned into items for just about every company imaginable including fabrics that are scrumptious and all of her designs are made to warm the heart. Cheerful and sure to delight! I am in awe of this lady, can you tell?

Here I go again getting spoiled.. come on more now.

I can't wait until next week when I am freed up to play and surprise you all. I have ideas swimming in my head. You know what they say about payback? It's fun! ;-0


  1. Oh my! Blushing! Look who's talking, Ms. Nimble Fingers! ;-)
    Thank you, Pat. The pleasure was all mine.

  2. Diane is so gooooood!!! laurie

  3. What beautiful things you've been making! And what fun snowmen. I loved the post below where you said you had 3 leftover and then when you couldn't sleep, you wound up with a bunch more. =) I like the quote about coming from the earth like trees.


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