Monday, September 29, 2008

Wooden clothespins + Large jars= storage!

Wooden clothespins...... plus~~~~~~~
Vintage lace jars...equal~~~~~
Pretty storage!I see people selling their trims and laces rolled onto clothespins and it is so cute and vintage looking so I ordered the clothespins from eBay and bought four large clear apothecary-like jars to display them.
I love these jars because they are so large they sit on the floor under my Kreinik threads which saved having more shelves installed.
I used two for beaded trims that I use on my purses, one for vintage lace and one for hand dyed lace and appliques. I need to pick up two more tomorrow. One for the rubber stamps I want to keep, and one for batik and hand dyed cotton rolls. You can't have too much eye candy in your studio......especially sugar and fat FREE!

I am off to run a bath and try out the wonderfully fragrant soap from Sandi, then to stitch a little while to celebrate my last day being 48. It's been a great year,and I know 49 will be even better!

Oh yes!!!!!The birthday giveaway will be tomorrow!!!! If you comment tonight, your name goes in the hat!!!!! :-) One winner and three runner-up winners.............Sweet dreams!


  1. May your birthday and the year ahead be one of small joys.

    My Morning Prayer:

    How dear, God, do I spend the rest of my days. With courage and without complaint. To give and receive small joys. To teach the best that has been learned and to learn a little more. Amen

    This is my paraphrased version of a prayer by Avery Brooke.



    I search your blog but I can't find an email address.:c{ Perhaps it's there and these road tired eyes can't find it :c}Please send me you E-address so that I might send you a card. I have a few things I collected here for you, that you might enjoy for your art work. I'll send them to you at the end of the month when I go to Idaho to meet my first grand baby!! :c}

    Pattie :c}
    Mazatlan Mexico

  3. Have a happy b day tomorrow. YOUR idea of the pegs and jars is great. I wish I was as creative.

  4. Anonymous10:53 PM CDT

    Pat, I also use the old jars for storage, small pkgs. of beads, buttons, and fancy fibers. Ok. I have one with candy in it too!!! Debbie (Maine)

  5. Yummy...I just love those large apothecary jars with the "fat free candy" in them. They look beautiful! Where do you find such big jars?
    Happy, happy birthday to you! Your blog is like a present to me everyday. I truly enjoy reading and seeing all the beautiful things you write and do.
    Thank you and many more happy days to you.
    Lana, Scottsboro, Alabama

  6. Love the lace rolled on clothes pins and put in a jar! Happy birthday girlfriend! I'll be thinking of you on your special day.

  7. Hi Pat! Can you hear Teddy and me. We are singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. We are sitting on our porch as this evening is warm and glorious! I am sure the elk in the lower pasture are wondering why we are singing. I hope you have a very special day. Teddy loves the message Angell and shall reply very soon.I love the jars & clothes pins, how clever you are. Sharon

  8. Melusine2:04 AM CDT

    Happy birthday Pat

  9. What a wonderful idea you had to keep laces in place...I need to do it!
    Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday!!!

    I'm doing 49 this year as well and not so sure how I feel the closer 5.0 gets. ;)

    Hopefully it will turn out new version improves... like 4.0 software...5.0 is better?

  11. Clever idea of the clothespins and big jars! Hoping you have the most wonderful of birthdays! Hugs, Karrin

  12. Happy Birthday! I love the look of the clothespins and jars. Great look!

  13. What a clever idea using those clothes pins. AND...putting them in the apothecary jars.

    Girls, 49 is great and 50 too and also 60! ;-)


  14. Anonymous9:35 AM CDT

    Just catching up on checking my favorite blogs. Been a long work week. My youngest son's bday is the 29. when was yours?
    Happy BDay~!!!!!
    Love the jars. i am in the process, still of reorganizing my studio.
    Where did you find those wonderful jars?/
    Bonnie from Iowa

  15. Oh I love your jars Pat, I just may have to borrow that idea for my new studio. I really like how easy it is to see what you have instead of having to paw through a pile. Mine are stored in the same manner as you had yours. I love those big jars anyway.

  16. That's okay Angell ~ we all need our beauty sleep. Tell your Mom that my Mom is CRAZY about the clothes pin idea! She is going to try it too!
    Jake said HI!
    Love, Teddi


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