Thursday, September 11, 2008

UFO finished and another eyeglass case

Well well....we have 8 interested in the puzzle swap , "Pieces of Friendship", after the Holidays so I will be getting puzzle pieces together and set up some info. Great!!!! Thanks everyone. I will continue to take names for those interested.

As I was swinging and stitching today, I had an unexpected visitor. Quite a handsome fella and he was wearing one of my favorite colors!
I finished another UFO. This purse just had to get completed so I stitched all morning until the block was embellished to my satisfaction. The only thing I needed to do was dye the vintage butterfly. I whipped it into a purse a bit ago and it awaits it's handle.I made this eyeglass case today as well.

Why I am working on so many orange projects, I'm not sure. Tomorrow it is time to finish some pendants, then I will start on a purple eyeglass case. Would you believe I haven't had any coffee today??????

Thanks again for all of the encouraging comments, I really appreciate your thoughts. You keep me inspired!


  1. I for one think your choice of colors are wonderful,They fit right in here!! :c}

    Pat depending on logistics and time frames I'd love to participate in the Pieces of Frienship. I'm sure there's a way to make it work. Lot's of "mules" going back and forth at that time of the year :c}

    Pattie :c}
    Mazatlan mexico

    Pattie :c}

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  3. Wow - this a wonderful work Pat, love the needleworks it's stunning.
    Thanks for your vote and your comment on my blog.

  4. Pat, I'm new to blogging & posted in wrong spot before. I love the colours. Warm & rich.
    Would you mind telling me how you put links to fave site on side of blog site. Larna

  5. Pat, I think the fairies come in at night and help finish these projects for you! I'm constantly amazed at how much you accomplish on these intricately stitched beauties!


  6. Love the purse and eye glass case! I used to hate the color orange and for some reason, I just love it now and I don't know why!?! As always, just beautiful work!

    Love your visiting friend too! ;-)

    Hugs friend...~Lisa ;-)

    P.S. My goodness...every time I visit I'm so behind!!! You put me to 'total' shame! And, you haven't even had coffee today???!?

  7. Pat ~ I can't remember how I found your blog, but I'm so glad I did! Your work is amazing!

  8. That little friend might be handsome but I sure wouldn't want him anywhere near me!

    And your work is amazing!



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