Monday, September 01, 2008

Treasures from Tatbit...Sept etsy shipping special

Can you imagine so many treasures in one little box? Tatbit surprised me with these beautiful tatted jewelry pieces and some tatting to add to my CQ (the photo was bad, I will post later). I love her turtles,and now I have a Bolo-slide and brooch. The soft purple and sage is my favorite! top that off she wrapped mermaid tears. My heart melted. These will be worn in a necklace I am working on....little did you know Tatbit!!!! I can't wait to add these. What a special necklace that will be and fun to wear with sweaters during our cold 6 months which is creeping upon us slowly. Thank you so much for this tremendous surprise Tatbit. Your work is always perfect and amazes me.
This swing purse is about to receive a strap and it will be finis! The beading on the pale aqua doesn't show well in photos,but it is just enough to add a bit of texture. FYI~I call "sling" purses..."swing" purses. Just my own language in case you were wondering. Long story too boring to tell. I also call turning something right side out...inverting. I have had the vocabulary police after me about that one. LOL. Whatever!

I also embellished this little music fairy block for a fairy purse while swinging yesterday. The violin will be tacked down on a different angel when completed.

****I also wanted to mention that I will be offering flat rate $2.00 shipping on bliss kits and silk ribbons in my etsy shop during September, to celebrate my birthday month.Yes, there will be a giftie enclosed in every order.
No matter how many items you purchase,shipping is $2.00. That covers the etsy fee, PayPal fee,some postage,and packaging.

I used to see shipping fees when I would purchase and think how high they were until I started shipping packages daily and realized how much I spend in fees and packaging. Now I know. Envelopes, self seal bags,tissue,labels, etc all cost. Instead of raising the price of the item,I add it in the shipping like everyone else. I posted this info on my shop description.
Just a note to those who see a higher shipping price than you think it will take to ship to you. There are many other costs which must be covered. Especially since everything is going up!!! Argh!

It is going to be another hot day so I am going to go water the garden before the sun gets to it. I hope you all have a great day.


  1. How lucky are you? What treasures!

  2. What a nice surprise! Love the little music fairy; she is just TOO cute! Have a happy's very cool here.

  3. Love the green block!

  4. Pat, I can never get over how fast your fingers must stitch! The only other person I've ever seen with a flying needle (and speeding feet on her treadle machine) was my grandmother. If you ever rename your blog, "The Flying Needle" would be perfect! ;-)

    The gifts you received are lovely. So is the aqua sling purse!


  5. What treasures these are! I love the turtle too!

    Your swing purse is lovely and so is the music fairy block! I have to agree with Diane, if you ever rename your blog..."The Flying Needle" would be perfect!!!

    ~Lisa ;-)


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