Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thank you, and making progress.....birthday giveaway 9/30

I wanted to thank you all for the sweet comments on the chairs. It was really nice to read such heartfelt comments and to know you understand my excitement. I love old things, pretty things, meaningful things, as much as the next person but I do not feel I need to own everything I admire. I'm sure I could have searched for those chairs, but it wasn't a needful thing , which makes me think perhaps I was meant to own them for whatever reason. I know I am dwelling too much on this, thinking too deeply, and you are yawning or rolling your eyes by now, so I won't say another word except how much I enjoyed your messages. You "get" me, and I love how we can share feelings, excitement and such with each other. Oh how I wish we all lived on a little creative island somewhere where we could get together when we wanted. We would be so busy I don't think we would get much rest at all, but imagine the eye candy and fun we would create!!!!

Just so you know, the chairs will be here when you visit :-).

Now for progress, then I really must get off here and start a dozen or two CQ pendants.
I have four fairy pouches to add straps to.

I added the leaf and ribbon trim to the little green and brown pouch last night while watching "Son's of Anarchy" with DH. Mixed emotions on that series.

Then I will piece this little blue fairy pouch.I just have to work with this cute fairy.
That will make five until I finish pendants and eye glass cases. I think I am on schedule, so no worries so far. I do have to work on a class sign up sheet at their request, and perhaps small intro kits for "reluctant" quilters to try their hand at CQ.

September is my birthday month and I want to hold a drawing on my birthday. Kind of giving back a little of so much I receive from you all through your blogs and friendship. I love to have fun, I love to share, and I really enjoy it when someone gets surprised and receives they enjoy.
How to enter~~~~~~
If you commented on any post since Sept 1st, your name is in. At the end of each week I will have my DH draw a name and set it aside. I will do this every Sunday and on my birthday, Sept 30th (Tuesday) I will draw a name.
The winner will get to choose a pendant or eyeglass case that I will have created for my show and shared during the month. I(DH) will draw a name on the 7th,14th,21st,& 28th and then draw the #1 winner on the 30th. The other three weekly winners will not be left out. They will receive silk ribbons or a kit or something they can hopefully use. It doesn't matter if you are International or not. I will ship to the winner wherever they live. You do not have to have a blog, but I will need a contact email before I can add you to the drawing so I know I can contact you if you win. That way I don't have to draw another name and feel bad that I couldn't get you.

I will count your name once each week, but feel free to reply as often as you wish :-)
I will only count comments on the blog posts because I am too busy at this time to remember to add private emails to the drawing. I do enjoy your emails, so those can keep coming too, LOL.
If you cannot leave a reply on my blog for whatever reason, let me know and I will work it out. I know some have problems, and wouldn't want them left out.

I am off to work on that blue fairy and pendants!


  1. That little music fairy is SO cute, Pat. It is such fun to follow your work!

  2. Hi Pat,
    I'd love to be entered into your drawing, and those pretty wire chairs are soooo gorgeous!!! They're so feminine and victorian looking! Thanks for the giveaway chance~
    my email is

  3. Pat, I was going to e-mail you but I think I'll "comment" so I can be entered in the drawing. I think I found a piece of sea glass/mermaid tears at the lake last weekend! I couldn't believe it -- my first piece! Anyways, do you leave yours as is or do you polish them more? I would like to e-mail you my e-mail because it is my business e-mail and I don't want it published on here -- ok?

    Thanks again for your encouragement to look for glass at the lake!


  4. Anonymous4:45 PM CDT

    Pat, I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time now, love it! Please include my name in your drawing. Thanks, Debbie (Maine)

  5. Pat, I am so envious of all the projects you have going. I am finally free of house guests and shall be in my garden stitching away. You are amazing, you really are. I get so much inspiration from your blog.

  6. your pouches are so sweet.... I love all your stitching and check your blog daily for inspiration

  7. Happy Birthday! Mine is September 9
    September Birthday's are great!

  8. I love the idea of celebrating a birthday for a whole month! And we thought we were doing great by celebrating for just a week.

    Happy Birthday, Pat!

    Kathy V in NM

  9. Hi Pat,
    September is also my birthday month!
    I love your blog's new look! I love also old, vintage things and the fairy pouches too!

  10. Hi Pat,
    today is my DH's Birthday!
    and on the 29 is my nephew's!
    You made always special things... the little purses are so nice I love them all!

  11. All your pouches are just lovely. You can actually be creative and watch TV at the same time. Love your "new" chairs too. I can see how you feel in love with them. Very delicate looking.

  12. Great idea for a give away. It is my birthday month also and you have reminded me that I will have to come up with something special to gift one of my special readers with.

  13. Happy Birthday Pat! Hope you have a wonderful birthday month. Love what you have been working on, the cute purses, and would love those wire chairs myself!

  14. Pat, I love seeing the crazy quilting, I think even I could finish one of these. I endeavoured to do a king sized regular quilt. I am done piecing the front. now it's a matter of assembling the thing.
    like I said I should probably start making smaller ones. hehe.
    Still your work is fabulous!


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT!!! I really didn't realize I was this far behind! Maybe I'm not...I think you girls are WAY better at posting than I am!!! I am a SLOW-MO!!!

    You are always so thoughtful and generous!!! I have never done a giveaway on my blog yet!?!!! giving me something to think about! Anyway...I just love your blog and swinging by and catching up is always delightful!

    ~Lisa ;-)

  16. Pat, your work is just beautiful!!! I would love to be entered to win anything of yours sweetie ~ xxoo, Dawn


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