Thursday, September 11, 2008

A surprise treasure from a friend

Yesterday morning I ran over to show Ken the almost finished sign he helped me with and he gave me a quilt. His mother, Loretta, made it. The special thing is that I knew Loretta. She passed away in the early 70's. She was a friend of my mother's and my friend Debbie's grandmother. Loretta kept her home so clean that you could eat off the bathroom floor,and her antique furnishings always reminded me of grandma's beautiful home in West Virginia. Loretta was a soft spoken woman and very intelligent. Someone you instantly respected just from her appearance. I wonder how many times I have seen this quilt in her home and never thought twice about it as a child. What a special gift to receive so many years later.

The quilt is queen size and is soft green with white appliqued flowers. Dogwood perhaps?
She backed it in light yellow and stitched it in matching soft green thread.
I gently laundered it last night and curled up in it while reading. It is well made and not worn. There is only one 1" brown spot on an edge which I will leave alone. I think Loretta would be happy to know her beloved work fell into the hands of someone who respected and admired her and who loved and appreciated handmade quilts.

I just wanted to share this treasure. Did I mention it matches the paint in my front sitting room? That will be it's home, waiting for me to wrap up in and watch the snow fall as I remember Loretta and her beautiful rose and hydrangea bouquets she shared with mom and me so many years ago. Thank you Ken....and Loretta.


  1. Amazing work!
    It would take me forever making a piece like this.
    So nice of him to give it to you.

  2. That is really beautiful! Agree with you think they are dogwood! You are just the person to appreciate it! Enjoy the comfort it will bring.

  3. This is a beautiful treasure, Pat. I know it will bring you much joy in using it.

    Kathy V in NM

  4. What a nice gesture! And it sounds a wee bit like destiny to me; he knew you would treasure and care for this beautiful piece.

  5. Love the colours Pat. I am an orange/warm girl from way back.
    I have just started blogging & love it. Regards Larna

  6. Wow...what a special and thoughtful gift!!! It is a treasure and a BEAUTIFUL quilt! I agree with Judy, sounds like destiny to me!!!

    I'm sure you will love and treasure it always!

    ~Lisa ;-)


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