Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shhhhh. .....don't tell mom

Hi everyone....Angell here. Don't tell my mom I am using her laptop, but I had to straighten something out. Mom said some of you didn't know who or what I was, and worse yet, someone thought I might be a cat. Argh! Unlike mom, I don't care for cats. When I go to grandma's, I chase hers until they hide because I am grandma's girl.
Anyway, while mom was stitching, she took some pictures of me with my so called "attitude" expression.
If someone called her a cat, she would have an attitude too. Mom always takes pictures of me, and today I just wasn't in the mood. Ok , ok, I will pretend to enjoy this........yawn.

enough, I am missing my afternoon nap. If mom mentions me again, and you know she will, you will know who she is talking about.
Talk to ya the way, I am a long hair Chihuahua who is a little over weight, but so what!!!!


  1. Anonymous4:19 PM CDT

    Pat, your work always amazes me. And what a little shy-ster Angel is using YOUR laptop without your permission!!! She just won my heart!! Debbie (Maine)

  2. Oh, you are a sweetie, Angell! We won't tell Mom...but, I've known who you were from the beginning.

  3. Angell
    I was SO wrong!
    Oh, you are SO cute!

    Please tell mom I said *sorry*

    Amber- who feels so silly for getting it *wrong!*

  4. This was a darling post, Pat!

    Kathy V in NM

  5. Angell, My mom doesn't know that I use her computer either. I blame it on our 26 pound c-a-t! I too have an attitude. But who can blame us, we are so loyal and so understanding about their cq time. Time for a nap, email me if you want to vent.... Love & puppy dog hugs, Teddy


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