Saturday, September 06, 2008

SEE what I've been up to

Cutting small circles from glass is not an easy task,so I gave up. It is very hard to find anyone who will sell you small glass circles, so I decided to purchase vintage optical lens' for my cq pendants. One for front and back gives plenty of room for a miniature embellished cq piece. This one is a trial. I painted it to give a more fun look. They are not easy to tape,but I will improve.

I finished embellishing three cq slide pendants last night. These two are ready for solder. I decided to invest a little more and buy the Aanraku silver bails to add to the backs for ribbon or cord . They look neater also.

It is a cool day so I am heading to the front porch swing with a load of pendants to embellish.Have a good one!


  1. Pat I really like the new shape for your pendants. You go girl! Your creative spirit rises again!

  2. Hi Pat ... When you say optical you mean those things that an optometrist would use to check vision strengh/requirement?

    Clever gal...they make fabulous pendants!

  3. verry, very nice! Not sure I could work that small.... Especially the sewing of the fabric shapes... You do beautiful work!~

  4. Pat: Do you have a good place you've discovered to get the vintage lens pieces? In 2000 I retired from my job as office manager/optician for an eye Dr. here and, despite a lot of whining on my part over the years, he would never let go of the old exam set up he inherited when he bought the practice of a retiring eye dr. The lenses just gathered dust and were never used. Did you get them on Ebay?

  5. These are lovely pieces. And wouldn't you know, the round one - the toughest one - would be the best! LOL.

    I really like your new banner and background. I hadn't realized how long I had been gone.

    Take care and hope to see "YOU" more often.

  6. Only you would think up such a clever way to get glass disks for jewelry! What a fabulous idea. And your microscope slide ones look beautiful too.

  7. I love it with the little bits of tatting in there! How sweet and charming!

  8. Good morning, Pat:

    I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and gave your blog an award on my Linda's Blog today.

    Thanks for always inspiring me.

    Have a wonderful day.


  9. Just got home from a 5-day trip to a Rod Run/Car Show in Pigeon Forge, TN, and of course had to immediately catch up with my FAV beautiful blogs...your pendants are the BEST! Love the vintage optical lens pendant.
    Keep the beautiful work coming!
    Lana, Scottsboro, AL

  10. These are really unique, Pat. I'll bet the vintage round ones are hard to come by. I wonder if any eyeglass stores would sell you round ones?


  11. What a clever way to showcase your CQ. I cannot imagine stitching such a small piece, though. They are beautiful!

  12. Freda Butler11:27 AM CDT

    Hi Poaat

    I love your new heading. Very you.

    Also think the round pendants are really nice.
    Someday I will have to tell you the story of me wearing your pendant and my ob/gyn guy eyeing it.

    Very funny.



  13. Freda Butler11:32 AM CDT

    Pat maybe I should have done the preview before printing. What is with Poaat? Sorry about that.

    2 Hugs


  14. Pat: Did you actually use 2 optical lens for that pendant with the things between? If not, what did you use to back it? Another comment made me think of something that we used to throw away in in our optical office. When frames come in new they always have blanks in the lenses. Before we sent them to the lab, we popped them out. Have you ever though about using those? Some are flimsy but most are quite sturdy.

  15. These are absolutely AWESOME!!! I just love them Pat! You are always just whipping something wonderful up!!!

    ~me ;-)

  16. WOW!!!!

    These are super fantastic!
    I LOVE them!



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