Monday, September 22, 2008

Scenes of devastaion...Ike

I don't want to dwell on Ike, or bring up bad memories, but my childhood friend in Texas just sent me these photos and they are just unbelievable. For those who haven't seen the devastation earlier, like me, here are some photos.
I stopped watching the news so I didn't see the aftermath. This sickens me.


  1. that's incredible! And I am hungry when during a rain storm we have downstairs with two fingers of water inside!

  2. My disabled brother lives in Houston. Fortunately, he came through without any damage to his home but was without electricity for eight days. Try as we might, we could not get him to leave before the storm hit.

    It will be a long while before anything gets back to "normal" along the Gulf Coast . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  3. It is devastating and just heartbreaking! I agree with will be a long while before anything gets back to normal along the Gulf Coast!

    xo Lisa ;-)


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