Friday, September 12, 2008

Perfect day for stitching

It rained most of the day so I turned off my phone ringers and got busy with my sewing projects. Believe it or not, it took all day to make and embellish five pendants. I only took a 15 minute break to walk around the garden in the warm rain. It is the humid rainy kind of day that you loved to play in as a child. I couldn't resist walking around a bit without an umbrella. Luckily there weren't any puddles around ;-O

Once I got that out of my system I grabbed a tall ice water,lit my vanilla candle and turned up the tunes then sat in my comfy chair until finished. Tonight I will foil these and start on some optical lens pendants tomorrow. I won't solder until all pendants are complete.

The first two pink pendants are runner up prizes for the Pink Project.

The Pink Artists have raised to date:

$1,824.08 for Susan G. Komen for the cure Foundation
(last updated September 11, 2008) If you would like to make a donation and have a chance to win please read more here.
These will not be available to pick from for my giveaway the 30th. I wasn't going to post them but I do love to share eye candy as you know. I made one whimsical and one more feminine.

The three below will be available to choose from if you win the giveaway. I love how the cross CQ turned out. The flash lightened the center ciggie though. I wish you could see them in person. They are shimmery and not so "flat'...of course.

Time for a small break,then I will foil these and call it a day.............................maybe~~~~


  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful eye candy! I always look forwarding to reading your blog and seeing what new pretties you've been stitching!
    Jackie ( Do I need to leave my email address in every comment for the drawing?

  2. Pat. The pendants are gorgeous. Always love looking at what your are doing. I would like to get involved in one of the projects but I'm just learing to get around in this blog site thing. So when I'm feeling a bit more confident I will jump in.
    Larna Would you mind replying to this so that I know I have the site working. Regards,

  3. Hi Pat and Angell. I am in love with these pendants. They are perfect. You do such beautiful work. Someday are fur babies should meet. They are very spepups. So understanding!!! Left you a message on my blog.

  4. Good grief! It's me again. The comment above was suppost to say special pups!

  5. Those are all such beautiful bits o'stitching!

  6. I love your work - it's fabulous and you don't seem to call it a day very quickly!

  7. EYE CANDY is putting it mildly!

    You make me head spin and spin and spin...

    Thank you for your generous GIVINGS but especially for being a PINK SISTER,
    that is one prize I will ALWAYS treasure.
    yours, Monica

  8. Simply stunning pendants, Pat!

    Kathy V in NM

  9. Pat...what BEAUTIFUL pendants!!! You do such lovely work! Whoever wins one will be one very LUCKY person!!!

    Hugs...~Lisa ;-)


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