Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My garden dream chairs become a reality

Secret wishes do come true................
I have always wanted one of those beautiful scrolled wire-like Southern Plantation chairs. I rarely see them anymore but I spotted one on a friend's porch a few years ago and was green with envy, well kind of sage actually. I think they are so romantic and nothing could be more flattering in a garden or front porch except for a quilt or lace covered hammock.

After a long day of sewing and cutting phlox and globe thistle in the garden, my friend who lives on the other end of my road phoned to ask me if I wanted to come view some chairs she no longer wanted. In the back of my mind I knew I had no space for more chairs, but I am a gatherer, so off I went. She showed me four sweet little chairs with cushions that would be great on a patio however I didn't have a patio that was empty. I have two decks and a front porch, and the two small areas in the garden , both filled with wicker and a hammock. What to do???? I did the reasonable thing and told her I would go home and think where I could make room for them before taking them.

Then we sat and talked a bit and she mentioned she was also getting rid of the white wire chairs sitting next to us. I about fell out of my seat. I told her I would make a new patio for them if she really was getting rid of them. I have loved those type of chairs my entire life. Ever since I was 6 or 7 years old and saw them on several porches each year we traveled down south to visit my grandparents . I had even collected two small doll furniture replicas . Well, guess who went home with those two chairs.............AND a matching lounge....with cushions????? One of the chairs is a rocker too!!!!!
I woke this morning thinking it was a dream since it was dark when I got them home last night,and I was excited and watched TV until I fell asleep, like a child waiting for Santa.
I took down my hammock and set them in the garden to take a picture. Unfortunately the garden is not too colorful or lush and I have been cutting and clearing and the ferns have seen better days, so excuse the surroundings and imagine the chairs with a fresh coat of paint ,surrounded by blooms and tall green fern. More room for you all to come have tea!!!!!

Pinch me...I am dreaming. I would have never dreamed I would ever own one of these chairs, let alone a whole set. I just had to share my excitement. Back to stitching!


  1. OH WOW!!!!!! Now I am green with envy!!!!I have a childs size version of these in my tea garden and will admit to having tryed to fit my butt into them ~ hehe!
    They are just AMAZING!!!!!
    I am SO happy for you and SOOOO happy your neighbor thought of you.
    Could it also be another "wink" from Dad since you had to part with his chairs this year?!?

  2. Those are really lovely chairs. I don't think I've ever seen any like that. So where have I been? Your garden looks delightful and now it's even better!

  3. Magic happens every day. Good job, accepting the invitation. Just think if you hadn't...

  4. Those chairs are so perfect for you. And it looks like they have been well taken care of. I wouldn't have realized that they needed painting if you hadn't brought it up.

  5. They look look like peacock fan chairs and no wonder you are so glad to have them they are drop dead gorgeous. I would have built a house to put them if I could have afforded it, you deserve them and enjoy them our special friend.

  6. You made me smile, Pat. There's ALWAYS room for one more! LOL!
    They're beautiful!

  7. How exciting that you finally got the chairs you've wanted all your life! They're lovely and so is your garden!

  8. They are absolutely lovely. Lucky you! Thanks for sharing.

  9. These are just charming. Your garden is becoming magical! Marjorie

  10. Hi Pat, I love those chairs. I can just see you having tea and enjoying the warm Fall sun. What a delight, I'll be right over!

  11. I think the chairs have found a very happy new owner :-))

  12. Melusine11:19 AM CDT

    Cool - albino peacocks. That's what they remind me of.

  13. AWESOME...YOU LUCKY GIRL!!! How wonderful that you got them Pat and how special that she called you to come see what she had!!! TOTAL FATE GIRL!!!

    I love that one is a rocker too and to have a chaise...with cushions...that's the BOMB!!!

    I am so excited for you! You will treasure them forever!!!

    ~xo Lisa ;-)


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