Monday, September 22, 2008

How do you spell Happiness? P I N K...long post

I finished attaching cords to the fairy pouches and added the finishes to the eyeglass cases. Not huge tasks, but needed to be completed.
It is another beautiful day so I went to the porch swing to take a short break and to enjoy a new tea,"Whispers of Summer". An appropriate name for this early Autumn day with hints of Summers blooms still coloring my surroundings.

I spread out the beautiful quilt from Ken to air and to enjoy it's beauty when the mail lady came. Days like this fill me with content. Simple things are always the most rewarding. I know I say that a lot, but it is so true.
In my mailbox was a surprise. What is this? A box for me? From Amber Dawn?

Hmmm...I wonder wha-----OH yes! The THINK PINK CHARM EXCHANGE!!!! Heart racing I placed the pretty labeled box on the swing to run up and get my camera. This special moment has to be documented. Oh don't we know how to have fun?While upstairs I quickly jotted an email to Amber Dawn to let her know I am about to open my box of treasures. You would think I never receive a package from anyone from my excitement. I must admit you all spoil me way too much. I couldn't have imagined such caring and generosity from people I may never meet in person. It goes to show we connect from our souls. Fate brings us together I'm sure of it. It may be a small thing,but there is a reason we meet. Today after posting the pics from my friend, I felt a little blue. Then this arrives....see?.....all for a reason.

Ok, back out to the porch...moving the teacup....scooching Angell to the other end of the swing...and now..opening the box.

As if the writing on the envelope was not enough to make my day, there was more..much...much more. Amber sent a birthday giftie...for me! I will so enjoy dyeing these beautiful lace applique's. The card looks vintage to me..knowing Amber, it is. :-)
Look at the little bird tag.. details are so special aren't they? are too generous and so sweet. Thank you.

What's next??? Charms galore! Remember the Think Pink Charm Exchange Amber Dawn from Inventive Soul hosted? Yeah....they are here...about to be drooled on.
If you aren't familiar with it, participants made and sent 12 charms, 10 were swapped out and returned to us. The two additional charms are going to be used to create two bracelets that will be auctioned off with the funds benefiting the Susan G Komen Fund. This coincides with the Pink Project by Monica Magness, Love Squared. Amber will host this auction. There is still time to donate and be in the drawing to win.

Do you want to see what's in the box? No? Oh...ok, here we go................ First I must say the presentation of each charm was just perfect. The tags,bags and envelopes were treats in themselves.
The first charm I spied is from Melissa Merrill. Thank you Melissa!!!! Your soldering is tops! Love the inspiring message too.

Next is from Lori Bergmann. It is a tiny domino altered with an inspiring word and tiny flower bead dangle and a diamond. Adorable. Thank you Lori!!!
Next is from Martha. I'm sorry I don't have a name..gotta check her blog. This glass pebble which has the word,"Dream" inside, is encased with some kind of beautiful antiqued embossed design. Heavenly! Thank you !
Next treasure is from Kai Naconi.I think this is fimo wrapped around a hand painted charm with pink jewel in the center. It looks very vintage. More beautiful in person.Thank you so much Kai. Love the twist at the bottom.

Next is from Susan Zacker. A sweet delicate pink resin rose with pink and white pearls dangles. Thank you Susan. I am going to have quite a beautiful bracelet.
The next is from my friend Lilla. A beautiful little vintage collage with silk ribbon embroidery and beautiful pink beads. Thanks Lilla, I love it!

Next is from Brenda Wampler.A dainty,tiny glass bottle filled with HOPE. How sweet! Decorated with crystals,pearls,and a rhinestone heart to top it off. So pretty. Thank you Brenda. These charms amaze me.

The next treasure is from Erica Faith. A delicate floral applique decorates both sides of this glittery disc. One side is lighter pink and the other a bit darker. A sweet charm embellished with two diamonds in the center. Thanks so much Erica. Lovely!Next is a creation from Terri Ventura's Vintage Treasures. The altered box is shades of dusty pink,purple,and sage green. Inside nestled among the moss is a framed woman's face with a gold leaf positioned slightly off her face. Too cool! Thank you Terri. Really neat!

My 10th beautiful pink charm is a creation by Melinda Com. This charm was all tucked away in pink bows on an altered tag with paper flowers and a button center. There are two different sides to this tiny altered charm. Decorated with small beads and pretty in pink!Here are all the charms together. Tonight, I am putting my stitching aside and attaching my charms to a bracelet I purchased last year. It will have to do until I find a "real" one that is more deserving to display my charms.

Thanks to Amber for hosting this swap and for everyone participating, and to those from whom I now own treasures.

Last but not least was a very unexpected treat. A cute mini shopping bag filled to the brim with love from Amber Dawn. This bag of loot is overwhelming this country girl! I have never seen so much Bling! Gorgeous items. The pink micro beads put a huge smile on my face. SWEET!

I have to mention something strange. At the start of this swap I didn't know what to make so I began filling tiny heart shaped bottles just like the round one in this group. I didn't have 12, so I scrapped the idea. It surprised me to see one included here . It is much cuter than what I had in mind :-). There is another strange coincidence. I just blogged about earrings that caught my attention on an etsy shop. They were made with tiny Fimo flowers and so adorable I could cry. In this treasure trove, there is a cab that looks just like the earrings. I can't imagine the size of Amber's heart but I do know it is huge. Amber, your thoughtfulness touches me deeply,and I am so happy our paths crossed. You are way too generous,but I have to say, I love every single thing. You are special.Thanks for everything and for my gifts. I am so spoiled today!!!!
Blessings and hugs to all. Sorry for such a long post, but as you can see, it was necessary.
I am off to check the blogs and sites of the makers of my charming treats!


  1. Pat, your charms have totally charmed me. I don't know how else to describe it! Everyone made such beautiful ones!


  2. ~*Pat*~

    The metal flowers and jewels are ones that Michal uses in her work as well. She paints the flowers and adds stones to the center.

    Is that divine?
    Michal also uses those appliques as well.
    She will stiffen them and add the jewels.
    HAVE A BEAUTIFUL time in your garden!
    Oh and one more thing.
    You made the silk ribbons on Erica's charms.
    When she found out you share a birthday, she wanted me to make sure that I sent you one of hers.
    She will be 14 this year.


  3. PS- The name on the box is Terri, I see how it does look like "Tam"

  4. What wonderful charms. Wish I had known about the exchange. What a fun time you had opening that box of treasures!! Laurie

  5. You are just a hoot! Such a patient soul. I ripped open my box when I received it. No patience here! Glad you are having such fun!

  6. Pat,

    I am so jealous of you Think Pink Charm Girls! What fun!

    I am also in a state somewhere between horror, fascination, confusion, and awe. You are like a newly discovered creature to be studied.

    Sitting on a porch swing, drinking tea,and thinking thoughts of contentment? A package arrives and you... photograph it and send an e mail before opening it?

    I bet you used a fancy victorian letter opener didn't you? And I don't know who or what Angell is but I rest assured if it/ they came between me and my package they/it would not be gently 'scootched'.

    Pat, we have had this virtual meeting for a reason. I think one of us needs the influence of the other. I suspect it is you who needs help. I come to this conclusion by the mere fact that I will never in a million years sip tea, think thoughts of contentment, and genteely open a package.

    Get ready to learn the art of an ice cold Coke, a million thoughts swirling in your head, and wrestling a package open, perhaps using a car key or kitchen knife,(maybe your teeth), and very possibly damaging some of the contents in the process.

    Actually I will make an exception to my 'never in a million years statement'...I can open a package with the utmost of care when I am unwrapping and peeking at one of my Christmas presents. I can also rewrap said present and do an oscar winning "I'm so surprised!" performance on Christmas morning.

    Yes, it's shocking and scadolous behavior Pat, but I feel a need to be completely honest and frank about what you are in for.

    Welcome to the darkside young Jedi.

  7. What lovely charms, Pat. It is just divine. I wish I could participate too.

  8. ~*Pat*~
    In case Jamie's comment bewilders you, you should know she is actually quite *hillarious* and is NOT making fun of you.
    She is actually pretty fascinating and cool...
    Not really a lunatic like she sounds!
    (Jamie if you are reading this- you sound like a NUT!)
    I think Angel is a cat?
    Anyway, Pat just wanted to make sure that Jamie didn't offend or horrify you!
    Check out her blog!
    She makes really neat stuff!
    (The link is on my blog)

  9. Oh exciting and what beautiful charms from all!!! I would feel just the same with excitement! I know your bracelet is going to be just lovely! And, how generous of Amber to send you goodies! Isn't it wonderful to get spoiled by friends!!!

    Hugs...Lisa ;-)

  10. Those charms are so special! What a group of talented ladies.

    Thanks for letting me know the dolls arrived. Take your time updating your site... You have new blink to play with!

  11. I too would have opened the package before anything else. It is a rare chance I get to open anything that exciting and special in the mail.
    I just love your charms, each and everyone unique in some way. It will be a beautiful bracelet.


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