Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flooding and the Second runner up for giveaway on 9/30......

We have had flooding in our area over the weekend and I was actually getting a little scared. Thankfully we live on a hill and the highest part of the county, but the town of Chesterton has many low spots and our creeks, like the one bordering our back yard , are overflowing which closed many roads to town.I stayed home during the rains but a few friends phoned to tell me their experiences. The rain just wouldn't let up on Saturday.They say we haven't had rain like this since the 1950's,and I wasn't born yet.

I am reluctant to admit it, but this was the first time I truly thought about how flood victims felt. The frightening thoughts of the unknown, losing pets and possibly family members,and belongings. Such a helpless fear. As the creek rose to the pool I felt sick,that is when my thoughts turned to real victims. The ones I have been watching on TV in TX, the ones from Katrina.
However I am puzzled why some choose to ride out a hurricane,then complain that they are stranded and starving. They say they couldn't afford to get out. If a hurricane was on it's way and they said evacuate, I would gather my family and pets and put on my best walking shoes and start hiking the pavement. Walking is free,and you would have the most important possessions with you. For those people who chose to stay, I have no pity,I am sorry. I don't mean to get ugly, but we always have a choice. There are people around to help prevent bad situations.You just need to want help and not be selfish and remain with material things.

That said, many of us live in a protected world where we have been taken care of and because of that we tend not to think beyond our bubble . Yes, we feel badly for disaster victims, but I don't think we comprehend the fear they experience. How could we if we haven't had that experience? I know I still have no clue of how frightening it is,and for that I am thankful,and somehow feel guilty. We donate money,and all is well in our world. WRONG!The worse we have here is a tornado ,which is very frightening, but I think we get so used to it from dealing with it our entire lives. I don't think you can get used to flood warnings living near water.

Our schools are still closed today and I haven't ventured in to town. I am heading off to the beach soon as I wait for it to warm up a bit. It was 55 degrees this morning, and cooler by the lake. I have so much catching up to do. Many comfort dolls have arrived, a few need to be mailed out,and my emails are piling up. I am setting aside the remainder of the day for those tasks.
Now, with the crazy weekend, my DH was helping a friend, so I didn't bother to have him pick a winner from the hat. Instead, I wrote each name down in the order they commented and numbered them,then phoned mom and asked her to choose a number between 1 and 33 (the weeks comments). She chose 12, which was Kathy. So....CONGRATULATIONS KATHY! Your name goes in along with Diane's for the #1winner drawing on Sept 30th and you get a prize either way!

I found this method of choosing names to be easier because I have nothing to do with it. I gather names in order as they come in for the week and someone else picks the number...easy peasy!

Two more weeks, two more winners! If you sent me your addy, I have saved it and you don't have to send it for each comment. Thanks for all who comment and for playing along with me.
I will share more projects in a few days which will be available for the #1 winner to choose from on the 30th.

I hope everyone who was hit by Ike is safe, and all of you have a sunny day! See you soon.


  1. Glad the flooding didn't get to you. We also have a creek that floods the next house over, and we happen to be the highest spot thankfully.

  2. Pat, Glad to read you were safe from the flooding. I too wonder why some stay behind when they know the situation. I wonder if it ever crosses their mind that they are putting others in danger who may need to rescue them because they didn't use common sense.

    I am thrilled to have been chosen to have my name entered in the grand drawing. I am always in awe when I see your beautiful work posted on your blog. Thank you!

  3. Pat,
    I'm glad to hear you are hign and dry!!

    I think for some people their "home and things" are their LIFE and identity. For some people to lose their possessions is to lose their identity. They never come to understand that Things are just Things. Of course it's easier for me to say that because when faced with the choice it wasn't really a choice.Beliving "Thangs are just Thangs" makes life so much simpler :c}

    Pattie :c}
    Mazatlan Mexico

  4. Nothing is so important to warrant staying behind. I just pray for them all even if I don't agree with them.
    Melisa B

  5. Glad you are safe...and I have to agree - if some came and told me I had to evacuate - my happy buns would be movin' on down the road!

  6. While we here are happy that Ike took that right turn before hitting the TX coast because our daughter's area at first appeared to be right in the target area, we also feel for all those who now are suffering. If someone told me to go; I'd go and haul what I could with me. G says we'd be a site - one vanload of golf equipment and another vanload of "stash!"

  7. Sorry about the flooding scare you had, Pat. I agree with everything you said in this post. We tried to get my brother to leave Houston two days before the storm hit. You guessed it -- he stayed. Fortunately he lives in an area that does not flood but he still has no power today.

    Kathy V in NM

  8. Pat, that's how I feel too about why people stay and then beg to be rescued. I wouldn't stay until the last minute either and get stuck in a traffic jam and run out of gas.

    I was so glad when I heard on the Weather Channel that the Coast Guard suspended their rescues because it was dangerous for them and they had to be there for everyone who needed them after the storm. I always question why people go out to areas in the water or on mountains where the weather is forecast as going to be dangerous and then so many good lives are put on the line to save them when they end up in trouble.

    It's sad because they have a better choice.

    I'm so glad that all my blogging friends in TX are safe. We are all at the mercy of sudden weather, but if we can take precautions when we know it's coming, we should. Imagine what it was like in the 1900 storm before satellites could predict dangerous storms and save thousands upon thousands.

    God bless everyone!

  9. Pat...I'm so sorry that you had this scare! I know I would be so frightened! My heart just sank for all in Texas and further north!

    I agree with you also about evacuating! After seeing Katrina and Ike's damage...if we were told to evacuate...we'd be gone!

    Hugs to you...~Lisa ;-)


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