Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Felting another purse,peek at new idea &storage idea.

Another beautiful day that couldn't be wasted indoors.I needed a change of pace so I decided to start a new felted purse. I chose an image of a lady with violets but wanted to make her an accent and not the focal point so I covered the image with a sheer purple organza so you could still see her. I gathered my supplies and headed to the porch.

I am adding velvet violets,beads,sequins, SRE,and whatever else comes to mind. Once in a while it is nice not to have seams to embellish. I should be finished this evening and sew it up tomorrow. I am going to make a beaded handle with some velvet violets dripping down one side.

Yesterday I went to Michael's crafts to look around and found crystals for $1.99 a strand. I was shocked. I gathered a few strands for spiders. I also found some nice woven box trays to fill with supplies and stack. They were 50% off.
Over the weekend I started doing a little more organizing. I attached strong magnets to the bottom of small plastic screw top containers and DH attached a few metal signs to the wall to store them. I have been using my tiny eyelets more often and was tired of hunting them down each time so I put both sets in the containers.They are visible now and very handy. The whole organized area only cost $3.00.

Here is a sneak peek of an upcoming project in CQMag. Just a teaser. There will be directions to whatever this project is....any guesses about what it is made from? (Not the CQ part, the inside)
It was fun and I have another in the works.

I better finish embellishing the felted purse front so I can mark it off my list.

Hi to "B" who is vacationing in her lakefront home for a few weeks.


  1. This is amazing.. can't wait to be able to go open the next issue up! Hmmm lets see to me it is the back of a doll? or maybe a necklace.. still looks like a doll thou...

  2. I have three guesses but only one makes sense and that would be a needle case?
    My other two guesses were a vial for bubbles, or perfume.
    But that would not be good with CQing on the outside. So I stick to my first guess!

  3. Hmmm -- looks like an antique perfume bottle top to me, maybe?

    This project is beautiful!

    Kathy V in NM

  4. Pat, would it be the top of a fancy spoon, fork ?
    Anyway love the felted bag, the violets are fabulous.
    Have you given instructions in the past for these cutties?

  5. Love the colors, it is beautiful so far!

  6. Such gorgeous, lavish colors - the photographs alone are fabulous. Can't wait to see the results.

  7. OK, Is it a locket, mmm? or is it a container for solid type perfume, mmmmmmm? Gorgeous stitching Pat!

  8. I don't know what happend to my post. Computer acting up I guess.
    Love the purse, very pretty colors.
    My first post mentioned that perhaps it was a locket (included a face) for the doll underneath the CQ work. Didn't think that would work, so I too think it may be a glass bottle.

  9. Hi Pat...Love the colours you have in this rich!

    Can't wait to see what your mystery piece turns out to be...I'm inclined to think some of the answers given already might be right.

    Organizing...great idea how you put those plastic jars together. We sell something at the store very similar...meant to be spice jars. There's one set with a dozen small ones and another with six larger ones...both come with the metal piece to stick them to.
    Got one for DH last Christmas thinking that it'd work in his put various hooks or split shot's still sitting idly in the box. Go figure!

  10. Can't wait to see what you're making as the stitching is beautiful! Your storage pics look like a veritable treasure trove of embellishments!

  11. I can't guess what the pretty project for CQ mag is, but I love the stitching on it! What a neat idea that is attaching those containers to the wall with magnets, and metal signs to stick them to! I'm enjoying your projects.

  12. Some of you guessed it...however, what is it made from? What is the base? Hint: It was a favorite hobby in the early 70's.


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