Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Embellishing a wooden crazy quilt????

Although my plea for embroidered letters was answered by three lovely ladies, and I thank you so much for your helpful replies, I tried something different. I designed and created a wooden sign yesterday. It all came about in a dream I had the night I asked for help. I had a dream in which I was making wooden signs. When I woke up my mind was racing and I jotted down a pattern.
I happen to know a guy with an awesome wood working shop. I phoned him and asked if he would help me with a sign. He is always willing to do woodwork, he said sure and off I went.

I designed it using a font and pattern from his many design books. That took 1 1/2 hours alone. So much to see and decide on. Then we took the saved design up to the wood shop and programed it on his wood cutting machine. I watched as the bird was being cut, then the letters. It was really neat. The end result was this. When I got home, I started drawing a crazy quilt pattern in the background. Then I used a wood burning tool to define the seams. I started painting each section of "fabric" with Lumiere pearl and metallic acrylic. This morning I used the hot fix tool and Swarovski jewels to add some bling to the seams. Then I darkened the seams with black paint and painted the stand black. Tomorrow I will finish it. I wish the colors showed up better. They have a really pretty sheen and are much nicer in person. If you are familiar with Lumiere paints, then you know what I mean. The center is pearl,and it looks like spotted white in the photo. :=(

I just had to grab my needle and get something finished today. This purse front has been sitting for months.
I only had one seam left before assembly. I sat in the floor in front of the trim bins and started placing possible trims next to it. I found two,so I went to the lace drawers next. I decided this would be a "Bohemian" purse. Kind of gypsy-ish. Fun,colorful,with a little noise from the beaded fringe. I added four layers of trims and laces for a richer effect since the colors were rich. It is lined with a beautiful heavy olive taffeta. I love the outcome and can't wait to bead a handle for it. That will wait until tomorow also because I am calling it a night. It has been a sunny yet chilly day and I am still chilled from beign caught in the rain yesterday and soaked. Brrrrrrr.

I'm off for a hot bath, cup of tea, and sit with DH until my eyelids can no longer stay open. Put a fork in me and call me done! Goodnight!


  1. The sign looks wonderful, love the colors. Very pretty pouch too.
    Hot bath and tea sounds so relaxing. Enjoy!

  2. The sign is gorgeous...I've been reading your blog with my reader - and never noticed that you changed your blog - it is beautiful...

    Great job...

  3. Pat this is really amazing! I absolutely LOVE it!I love the fact that you turned your dream into a reality SO quickly!
    LOL! Terri (my offer still stands though ;)

  4. What a fun and creative sign, Pat.
    Nice to have such a talented resource at hand..... The purse is pretty, too.

  5. Great sign Pat, love what you did. The purse is beautiful

  6. Pat, love the sign. And you got this from a dream. I must put a notebook next to my bed....
    I received your book in the mail today and love it. Thankyou. I have just started up my blog page but have lots to learn about this blogging business. Very interesting, so much to learn so little time.

  7. That is one of the neatest signs I've ever seen...And it's so YOU!! I do know lumiere paints and I bet the sign shimmers in the light, just like you.

  8. cool sign, wish my dreams were so good. Help!
    You are funny too. Love a sense of humour.
    I have a wacky one myself and always giggle.
    Pretty CQ purse, busy fingers I would say.
    aloha Lilla

  9. Ahhh to be so gifted as you!! You are able to make magic with both your fabrics and flowers ;c} I have so enjoyed reading your blog. Your writings about your gardens allow me to live vicariously, and it's the one thing I truly miss by moving to Mexico. We have only a patio so I'm learning how to pot garden, with all the new exotic plants here.

    Pat yur blog is also one that has given me the courage to create my own. Like I hinted at. I'm a middle age artsy crafty gal who along with her ever patient partner Larry (LW)loaded up the truck and moved to Mexico. When you have a minute please stop on by, I value your advice!!!! :c}

    Mazatlan Mexico

  10. Hi Pat ~ You definitely have the "Midas Touch":+}...everything you do is beautiful! I love the Bohemian purse and the sign is wonderful. Wish I could come to the show to see your exhibit! I just know it will be a show stopper. You are an inspiration.
    Blessings, Lana

  11. Pat !!! Once again you amaze me. I love the purse, the colors are wonderful. Your sign is fantastic and as always you have the energy all the stars in the universe. I must admit I took 2 days to garden and stitch, and sit by the pond. It's a breath of fresh air.You do inspire me to just do it. Gleefully,Sharon

  12. Pat - I love your sign - it is inspired!


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