Thursday, September 18, 2008

CQMagonline .....share with us

Hey all you creative people out there in blog land. CQMagonline is looking for your crazy quilt/fiber creations to share with the world in our Reader's Showcase. I know you are out there, I am a blogger and get around. I see beautiful work being done and I know many others would love to view it as well. Don't be shy, we are one big happy family..well, with the exception of hormones now and then :-) (Speaking for myself only)

Submit photos to Rissa and you will have done two fun things.....#1~you will have shared your beautiful work with others and#2~ be entered to win a prize. Email your entries to The sooner...the better.


  1. Hmm. I never thought to do that. I'll send them on over. Thanks for the nudge...

  2. I love the CQMagOnline...I have tried several projects from the magazine and always read it front to end when it is posted. Thanks, Rissa :+} Lana

  3. Thanks for the information. My stitching is so sporadic, although I am currently making a muffin-top pincushion. I certainly love looking at the pretty things people make, and CQMagOnline is a great source of eyecandy!


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