Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birthday Giveaway winner.................and more.

Thank you all for such a huge amount of Birthday wishes and cards I awoke to this morning and throughout Sept. I appreciate every one.
Now lets get down to business!

Mom is holding the winning ticket....who will it be? Diane? Kathy? Wendy? Pattie????? Drum roll please*******~~~~~~~~######Ta Da!!!
The winner is Wendy Shu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CONGRATULATIONS WENDY!!!! You can choose any pendant or eyeglass/neck case I have shown through September and October. I am extending it through Oct because I have been slow in posting finished items and it doesn't leave a lot to choose from.

Diane ,Kathy & Pattie, you can choose from a squishy full of goodies for CQ or a $10.00 gift certificate from my etsy shop with free shipping. Your gift certificate is good through November if you choose that because I plan on putting things I made after the show on there and more kits and ribbons too.

The other thing up my sleeve is.....I have collected every name who commented throughout September and numbered them. I will ask mom to choose a number now and then and I will be sending surprises throughout 2009!!! My last year to be among the 40's, and it should be fun I think.

I dedicate this birthday drawing to a very sweet woman who gave me this idea from her birthday drawings years ago. She is Nora Creeach. CQMag would probably not be around if it weren't for Nora. Rissa is now carrying the torch and very well I may add. Thanks Nora for all you do for CQ and being quite a kind lady and dear friend. You are appreciated!

I wish you all many Happy Birthdays!!!! Hugs all around.


  1. Happy Birthday Pat! May you be blessed on this special day.
    Congratulations to Wendy, and thank you Pat for your generosity.
    Will be in touch.

  2. Have a very happy day, Pat! Birthday hugs, and blessings, too!

  3. Happy lovely 49th!! :c}

    Oh and please thank DH for drawing my name as the 4th week winner!!!

    Pattie :c}
    Mazatlan Mexico

  4. Pat, Happy Birthday! Thank you for drawing my name in the group of 3 winners. I'd LOVE to have the $10 gift certificate. You have some ribbon goodies on your etsy shop that are calling my name! This was so nice of you!

  5. Pat,
    Happy Birthday to you, a very happy birthday.
    Mine is actually on the 11 Oct, so we share a close one.
    May there be many more.

  6. Thank you Pat. I hope you had a great birthday today.

    I was so excited to see that I had won. It's 7.35am Oct 1st here in Singapore. It's a public holiday today and I was answering an ETSY convo when I decided to check on Pat's blog.

    Whatever it is, I am going to love it. I just love everything you have made.

  7. Hi Pat~
    I hope you had a most wonderful "last of the forties" birthday, and I am here to tell you the fifties "ain't so bad" :+}.
    Your birthday give away was fun. Congratulations to Wendy Shu.
    Many happy days to you, Lana

  8. congrats to all the winners!!!
    enjjoy the last of your 40's pat-i have three more years to enjoy them :)
    girl your generosity is wonderful and for that you are the winner :)
    enjoy your day

  9. Dearest Pat ~ 49 ~ i got it now! I tryed sending you several ecards with the RIGHT year but they wouldn't go through!Or you may have gotten them ~ if so you got so many cause my computer said they weren't sent. He! He!
    I'm SO glad it was a good one!!!


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