Sunday, September 07, 2008

Beautiful day for yard work

I enjoyed myself so much today. I spent the entire day working in the yard and garden. I stitched a little early this morning and finished embellishing two more pendants. The swimming girls need the charms positioned and tacked down.

After breakfast I hopped on my golf cart and hooked up my wagon and into the garden I went with Angell by my side. I started on one end and removed all the fern and phlox that were left. I decided not to wait until they were all brown because you never know when our weather will take a turn for the worse like last year. My poor little frog pond was hidden by hundreds of fern. I really need to clean this out tomorrow.

By noon I was a bit tired so I took a break and made lunch. I finished the garden(for now) and grabbed the push mower. I was just going to do the garden and side yard and let DH do the rest with the rider, but it was such a beautiful day I jumped on the rider and finished everything.

After that I started pulling the daylilies by the beach and cleaned the pool. I have no idea where the energy came from. As I was finishing the pool I spotted a white squirrel so I ran in for my camera. I knew it would be gone when I returned,and it was. Phooey! I have only seen one other albino squirrel in my life. Since I had the camera I took a picture of the back of the house standing near the creek.
As you can see, we are on a hill which I love. Our property gently rolls and I can imagine the cattle that used to graze back here 130 years ago when it was a farm. When they dug the pool they found a huge metal wagon wheel. It is in my garden supporting honeysuckle vines. I'll have to get a picture to share.
I took a short break when I saw DH carry something in the house. That sneaky guy made me a quilt display for the show. He even painted it matte black like I wanted. I am using black velvet on and around the table and also for displays because CQ is so colorful and I didn't want my booth to look out of control or take attention away from the projects.

Anyway, I thought that was sweet. Then....he asked if I wanted the stump from the newly cut apple tree removed or left for a planter.It was hollow. I was wondering why he cut it so tall instead of close to the ground. Again, it's the little things that tug at your heart isn't it? I was reminded of the days when dad would cut a tree and leave the stump for mom to plant her hens and chicks in. I know John didn't know about that,and he isn't into gardening, so why he offered the stump for a planter was such a total surprise and special gesture. Next year I will be planting the pink sweet potato vine in it. I may as well continue the tradition!

After dinner I sat on the porch swing and embellished this eyeglass case. My mom's friend has been wanting one,and this may be it. She loves mauve and aqua. If not, it goes in the show which means it is up for grabs for my BDay drawing too. :-)

Now it is time for a bubble bath. DH just finished his shower and I think I will grab my new Romantic homes mag and a small glass of wine and soak a bit while my aches and pains hopefully disappear. It truly was a glorious and productive day. I hope yours was wonderful too!


  1. My word Pat, you truly did have a very productive day!

  2. Anonymous8:36 PM CDT

    Pat, love your energy! The eyeglass is gorgeous, love the pink flower. Debbie (Maine)

  3. what a lovely house and garden.

  4. Love your porch, Pat! And the eyeglass case, too. You sure worked hard today!

  5. Such a joyful post, Pat!

    Kathy V in NM

  6. Wow, your house looks gorgeous, and I love the eyeglass case, it's so vintage looking! The "letter" looking fabric in the upper right corner is unique, I like that too. Have a great week! ( is my email)

  7. Hey Pat,

    It was a beautiful day yesterday to work outside, unfortunately, I had things to do inside. But I wanted to tell you I found FIVE seaglass pieces on the beach this weekend! I read on your website that you grow rose campion -- I have had no luck with that flower -- is there a trick?

  8. had a very energetic and productive day!!! Doesn't it feel good when we accomplish SO just feels SO good! And, after, we can relish the beauty we worked hard to do! You deserved a good soak and a glass of wine to relax!

    Your home and property look beautiful!!! What a DH to make you a quilt display for the show!!! And, how wonderful, that he left you that stump to plant in!!! SWEET!!! You'll have to take pictures and post next spring!

    Hugs Pat...~Lisa ;-)

  9. Pat, nothing like a good bubbly soak after a hard day's work in the garden! Don't forget the candles and a glass of wine too! ;-) There must be something in the air...I turned the inside of the house upsidedown on Sunday. Everything shines! I'd forgotten what "clean" actually looks like!

  10. This case is SO lovely!!! LOVE the colors too!


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