Sunday, September 21, 2008

Absolutely fabulous day...ramblings

Today is a perfect Autumn day. It started off cool and sunny so after breakfast DH wanted to take a road trip through Michigan on the bike. I put my hair in a french braid,grabbed a hoodie ,sunglasses, strapped on my helmet and jumped on the bike. As we crossed the IN/MI border I began to sink into my Autumn mode. Leaves haven't begun to change yet,but you could smell a change in the air if that makes any sense. We took a detour through New Buffalo to ride along the homes near the shoreline. Beautiful beach houses with not a soul in site. I took in the colors and shapes of the flowers and architechture as we slowly made our way back to the main highway. I wish I could have bottled the scents I was enjoying so I could share them with you. Fresh mown lawns, ripening grapes, even the smell of apples were wafting through the air. It made me want a mug of spiced cider.We arrived in St. Joe, my favorite town,and drove by the beach. Less than 20 people were taking advantage of this beautiful weekend. Then I found the reason for this, they were having a festival in town. The bands were playing and crowds were gathered. Instead of stopping we turned toward Benton Harbor and the roads were under construction so we turned back toward home.DH wanted to check out the new Four Winds casino so we stopped and went in to browse. DH gambled $1.00 and lost,LOL, so we checked out the gift shops...this is where I lost my heart....there was a shop called," Michal Negrin", Every one of you would melt if you saw her items in person. Well, go here and drool.She is from Israel and has been designing for 20 years. Where have I been? Why did I not hear of her before? I love every single thing she offers. The designs on everything is oh,,,just yummy! The website doesn't show the true beauty, or even come close. Her collection is vivid and so eye appealing. I was going to buy a few greeting cards but then I saw the bracelets, then the tee shirts and belts, then was just too much to take in. I told DH he needed to get me out of there quickly. I don't know why it is so expensive because it is printed polyester fabric that makes up the purses and clothing. It must be because of it's uniqueness and beauty. All I know is I LOVE IT!!!!

Just seeing that shop made my day. I walked out empty handed but felt I was fulfilled by knowing there was such beautiful things being made in the world. I really wish her website showed the richness and detail her items offer.

We jumped back on the bike and continued our journey. As we neared our road home, we stopped at Matey's, a neat casual restaurant by the lake for lunch. It is one of our favorites. There were many bikes taking advantage of the weather today. The temp was getting pretty warm with the hot sun and not a cloud in the sky,so the coolness of Matey's felt wonderful. I even splurged and ordered a beer. I rarely drink a beer, but this was the perfect day to indulge. It hit the spot!

DH is now mowing,and I am about to finish tagging two more dozen comfort dolls to ship out this week. Dozen #28 and #29. I updated my website last night,so all the dolls and donors are now listed. I am so sorry it took so long. I should have been on that much earlier. No excuses.

Tonight I will have DH pull the third winning name from the hat,and announce it tomorrow. One more week to go. I had better post more items to choose from. I have several almost finished, they just need something small added here and there. I save details for last. I did get the Pink Project runner up gifts completed.
I had better get off here and get busy. I think I will be having tea on the porch swing this evening.


  1. Isn't it neat how just browsing through a particular shop will lift your spirits?! I so enjoy your blog, Pat, and am finally settled in enough to get started on my Comfort Dolls. You are an amazing and creative woman and I appreciate you very much.

  2. Pat, Now that was some serious bling. I applaud you for walking out empty handed. I am just drooling looking at the pictures. Sounds like you had a glorious day. Lucky you!I spent most of the day changing and rearranging my blog. I shall get the hang of it eventually. LOL

  3. Oh Pat. We are oceans apart but we seem to love the same things. We have Michel Negrin in Singapore and I simply love her jewellery. Every other year or so I would buy a piece. The last one was a brooch.


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