Sunday, August 17, 2008

Well, it seems I'm still sitting in this same spot. Why do we get sucked in to the internet so easily???? I was just going to look up one thing,and wham! Sucked in!!!!

Then I started going through my files and I ran across this photo of the three of us at my mother-in law's side of the family reunion in Fort Wayne. It was 1988! My little boy! Where did he go? Was he really ever that small? He was almost three at that time, soon to be 23. WOW!!
Sweet memories..........................................

Ok, I am outta here before my eyes begin to flow.


  1. LOL ~ I know ~ I know ~ it's a wonderful dreadful addiction!!!! Frank is ready to throw the computer out the window as I have been up to all hours the last 3 nights blogging!
    What a SWEET picture! You look like the CoverGirl from the 80's!!!I was SURE if I bought Covergirl I'd look JUST like the girl in the ad.Happy Monday!

  2. LOL...ME TOO!!! SUCKED IN all the time!!! After I post and do some heavy duty perusing around, I really try to stay away for awhile!!! It does just suck you right in!!! Our friends, inspiration, researching, shopping, etc., oh, I know!!!

    What a great picture of your family Pat! Where DOES the time go??? It is flying by way too fast. It seems the older I get, the faster it flies and the more emotional I get!!!

    ~Lisa ;-)


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