Sunday, August 17, 2008

Watch out for email!!!!!

Good morning everyone.I know I have been scarce....I've been working on projects and class info for the Oct show and a lot of yard/garden work. It never ends.
I just wanted to pop in to pass on an email my son sent this morning.He knows I am computer illiterate :-). Be careful when you receive an e greeting!!!!! Back to work! Have a great day and beware of e-greetings!!!!

Hi mom,
I just got this email from "greetingcard(dot)org" and it tells me to go to a website that is *DON'T CLICK* (kkvtombeek(dot)be/ecard(dot)exe)
see how the end of the address is ".exe" that means that its a program you don't want to run on your computer.


  1. what a sweet son to think of you. I am going to try to remember the exe thing!

  2. Thank you and thank your son! I didn't know about the "exe" thing and I will remember it!!!

    Thanks Pat, it is always so great to come and visit you!!!

    ~Lisa ;-)


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