Monday, August 18, 2008

Treating myself

Well, the other day when I saw those little bird creations by Laurie, I knew I had to have one so I inquired about having one made, and Laurie agreed. I must say, she is a delight to work with, and her bird creations are awesome,sweet, gentle and pure bliss to me,and, I'm sure they are to everyone who has the pleasure of viewing or owning them. I must thank Diane for putting the link on her blog, Thanks Diane!!!!

So, here is my little bird on the vintage shoe with the most perfect nest painted on....all by Laurie and flying home to me soon. The mermaid's tears made their way to Laurie's to enjoy and I love seeing them next to my shoe.

Laurie didn't know it but three is MY number. It is very strange how "three" pops up in my life in every way, and often. The three eggs, is another one for my list. Just look at those pink blossoms.
Don't you get a thrill when you find something that suits your fancy? Every now and then you must treat yourself to something. I prefer that something to be hand made. This will be the centerpiece for my cutting table to remind me of several things. #1~ It is great to treat yourself
#2~It never hurts to ask about someone's work if you just can't live without it, #3 simple things are the most beautiful, #4~There are many talented bloggers!!!!!!!!

I almost forgot! Laurie's birds are in the Spring issue of Somerset Life on pages 70 to73, which shows me I need to slow down and read more carefully because I see her link is there too! I couldn't believe it when I saw her birds there last night. Now I feel really special to own one. If you have the magazine, you must check them out. They are so sweet. The problem with browsing a new magazine is that there is so much to see and your mind goes on overload, at least mine does. Then I set the magazine aside for a while and return weeks later and everything is new again. See the benefits for having a simple mind???? LOL!
Have a great evening, time for me to retire for the evening. Sweet dreams.


  1. Sassafras & LuLu10:07 PM CDT

    Just visiting & blog hopping! Glad I did, luv your colors of your ribbons you dyed, stunning photos. AND, can't blame you for treating yourself to that precious birdie/shoe pincushion, it is the cutest little thing.
    have a great night...

  2. Hi Pat, Your little pincushion birdie is SO cute! If you like vintage shoes like this, you might want to try something: my SIL gave me the cutest little shoe with succulents planted in it! It's in my garden window, and Patty just loves it. So do I.

  3. I absolutely love this vintage is just darling!!! We all need to treat ourselves feels so good...and there is nothing like having our favorite art surround us!

    Hugs...~Lisa ;-)

  4. Pat, the shoe is adorable! I'm glad I passed Laurie's site on and that you found it! I just bought one of Laurie's plates on etsy.'ve passed on the favor because I had no idea Laurie was featured in the spring issue of one of the Somerset magazines. If I have that copy, I need to chastise myself too for not noticing! I should go look through my stack of them!

    The ribbons are GORGEOUS!

    Thank you for telling us about the e-card virus.

    Happy days!

  5. How cute! Three is also a recurring number in my life. ;-)

  6. it is just lovely. the details are just exquisite. enjoy!!

  7. That is quite a treasure...the little painted nest and the darling bird....I love it. I'm so glad I found your blog...I was just following a maze from post to post and stumbled here. What a nice surprise!

  8. I fell in love with this little bird too. Laurie is one talented gal.


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