Friday, August 01, 2008

Sweet friends I must thank.

I have been under a rock lately, please forgive me. I seem to have been awarded by many dear ladies and I didn't mean to seem ungrateful or neglectful. I am very honored that you enjoy my work and my blog and I appreciate the awards given. As I return from the dark shadows into the bright and delightful world of blog land, I want to thank each of you for thinking of me. It means a lot.

Kathy, Diane and Candi presented me with this award. I am honored,thank you.

This award was given to me by Mai-Liss. Thank you very much, I am honored and smiling!

Lelia presented this blogger award to me. I truly am honored,thank you.


  1. Glad your Muse is back home, Pat. I spoke to her sharply a while back when she was loitering in our garden window, bothering Patty....Loved your beach story. I too love wandering at the water's edge and have many rocks to prove it.

  2. Your blog is awesome & deserves these awards AND THEN SOME : )


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