Sunday, August 17, 2008

My "Ladies" in front and more dyeing

I have been yawning all morning. It is time to relax and stitch a bit.

I finished up my outdoor tasks and was gathering my dye supplies when I glanced out the front door to see a beautiful sight. My "Ladies" were all open and standing tall to greet passerby's. I had to run up to get my camera. They were so pretty and graceful with the sun hitting them just right to reveal their delicate beauty.

Then I started to dye more ribbons. I could really dye all day if I had enough ribbons. I love to play with color. I dried them in the sun on the front porch using my husbands bow laying across two chairs. They were so colorful blowing in the wind that a few people slowed down to see what it was. Now for the ironing.................oh my.

Anyway, here are today's ribbons. A few brights,pox, and muted.

I need to do green and blue next.
Then dark purple and red.I really need more yellows too. Like I said, I could dye all day!!!! Have a good one! Y....a...w...nnnnnnnnnn.


  1. No wonder folks were stopping to see your pretty ribbons....Remember that folk song, "Scarlet Ribbons"? Speaking of ribbon, what width do you usually stitch with?

  2. Pat, They are gorgeous!!!! What kind of ribbon do you use, if I may ask. I was listening to two ladies discussing the pros and cons between Japanese ribbon and ribbon from China. Ir there a big difference? Paleez your expertise is needed. Always pestering you am I not. Sharon

  3. oh my goodness...your ribbons are wonderful. I sent your little shoe off to you today, I think you'll want to put one of your beautiful ribbons on it!! Laurie

  4. Pat...your lillies and ribbons are just stunning! Oh, I love all these colors!!!

    ~Lisa ;-)


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