Friday, August 01, 2008

Muse is back...........lots to share.

I am happy to report my muse has returned home.Thanks to those who let me know they had seen her roaming about. Here is a glimpse of her as she realizes she has been spotted and swiftly continues her journey.I think she was feeling my sadness about a friend's recent health issues and wanted no part of it. She knows me well. I don't know about you, but when friends and family members are faced with bad news, my creativity drops. The good news is, things will be alright, think positive and go forward. When my muse returned I let her have a few days off while I played in the garden. The heat and humidity certainly made things unruly very fast. I cut and pulled three large wagons full of weeds and trimmed blooms. I am so glad the dense woods are a few feet from my garden. If you peek behind the evergreens, you will see where my clippings go :-)....shhhhhhh. It all returns to the earth, and no one can see it so it is all good.

I dabbled last week with a small project which was motivated by a digital image by Gail. I thought it would be nice to send a hostess gift for creating such a wonderful place for all of us to play and share our work with each other. By the way, hurry on over there to see the new challenge. Anyone can join in the fun no matter what elements you play with. pushing please, and watch out for that banana peel on the floor.

These are the gathered supplies I chose to go with the image of a girl riding a fish. Love it! I thought the beaded trim went well with the image, kind of like mermaids tears. Since my muse wasn't around, I struggled to create,but eventually finished. I didn't think to take a photo of it until I was packing it to ship,so pardon the cello glare.I had hoped to create something more "shabby", but with my darn muse running about the country, what can you expect? This morning I read she received it yesterday, and liked it.:-)

Wednesday my muse was back in full force. Thank goodness, because a person could go broke shopping from lack of inspiration. I ordered way too many new beads, new dyes and chemicals, and bought some instant digital downloads.....way too easy to shop :-)

As I was organizing my bits and bobs, I inspected a piece of Abalone which my friend Judith had sent me a few years ago. I studied the beautiful colors and my muse took over. This photo shows the beautiful colors that inspired me. I chose the lime above the purple area,and the turquoise and teal. I am always working with purple,so I left that out.I wish you could see the lime better, it is beautiful.

Within a few hours I had pieced a swing purse front with teal, lime, and turquoise. It may sound weird, but I am liking it. I placed the image of the swimsuit flapper so the fabric sloped with her body as she leaned to wring out her towel. I picked up a tiny bit of colors from her towel in the beautiful beaded trim near the bottom. A few hints of turquoise can be found in the beads and sequins.

I finished embellishing last night and went through my trims and dyed laces to find something to finish the bottom. I thought something with a "Gypsy" or "Bohemian" layered look would make this purse fun. I found the large piece of cotton lace which I had dyed last year to be the perfect grounding element. This purse needs a strong finish, and by layering gathered lime lace, the dyed heavy lace,beads, and a furry trim, it should do the trick. Fun, relaxed,and crazy!!!! Now to assemble and make a strap!

Yesterday I strolled the lake shore and gathered mermaid's tears with my mom. I didn't have pockets on my skimmers or shirt, so mom offered her left pocket so I could unload as I collected my treasures. It was beginning to heat up quickly and we were sweating...icky! As we approached the end of our walk, a little girl about 8 years old was standing near the waters edge. I made sure I made eye contact with her mother laying on the sand before I approached her with an outreached hand. I gave her the green, amber, and white mermaid's tears in my hand and told her the mermaid's tears story.
She was shocked and amazed and replied,"Really,Where are they?" I told her to take her mom for a walk down the shore and they are there waiting for her. She was excited, and I smiled as I continued down the beach thinking how nice it would be to have a daughter or granddaughter to share things with.
As mom was climbing up the hill, I went a little further down the shore and to my surprise and delight, there was a small smooth piece of blue (dad) sea glass. I like to think dad was saying, "That was nice to share the story with the little girl".I'm sure of it.
I held out my hand as I neared the bench mom was resting on .She glanced at my hand and smiled, knowing exactly who just "visited" us.


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM CDT

    Pat, awesome post this morning. Funny how simple things like a walk on the beach help us to reflect on days [ast. I have never heard the mermaid tears story, care to share with a big girl??? Debbie (Maine)

  2. I love the name you give on my seaglass ;o))
    Bad English sorry !

  3. Wonderful purse! Glad your muse is back...
    ...and you just might have changed that little girl's life....

  4. I love your purse, my colors, everything! Wish I could come collect mermaids tears with you, and what a story for that little girl!

  5. Hi Pat ,
    I have seen mermaids on seaglass at someones blog but a do not know where .Do you know that person and her blog ????
    Love Rini

  6. This piece is BEAUTIFUL and I loved that you used the shell for inspiration and color reference. Oh so much shows from your heart here....

    My favorite part of this story was picturing your mom offering you her left pocket. It touched me so much. It felt like something I was there for.

    Thank You Pat. I can't tell you what that imagine did for me and the little things it tripped off in my mind this morning...gentle memories.

    Hope your day is soft and beautiful.
    xo- S.

  7. I somehow missed this earlier, but glad to see it today. I know you made the little girl inquisitive - I can see the sparkle in her eyes! But I hope the Mom knows what a gift you shared with her... your Dad did, your Mom did, and so do I.


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