Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Insane beach haul this morning

I could not believe the haul I made this morning at the beach. I spent 4 1/2 hours walking along the shore picking up mermaid's tears....well, most were huge, so I guess we will call them sea glass. I was alone today,and I just had the urge to go walking. It was really unbelievable with each step I took, I had to pick up a piece, then another, and so on. I even saw a crayfish for the first time on the shore. It was blue/green and had huge claws.
I was the only one there for almost an hour. The tide was down so I made my way past the boulder wall which separates a part of the beach that I never go on. I need to figure out how far I walked. I know mom would never be able to walk it, but when I find myself alone again, and the tide is low, I will try to go that far again. I started walking at 7:00 and finished at 11:30. I had my shirt rolled up full of glass and it was heavy, so I had to keep pulling the back down so I wasn't exposed. When will I learn to bring my bag????It was in the car too.

This is the most I have found in a day,and probably the most I ever will find. It was just crazy. Perhaps everyone is school shopping so no one has been beach combing? Oh well, I sure had fun and got in a lot of walking and bending. Here is the loot....in the bag that was in the car that I wish I had with me.Yes, dad was there, 4 times. :-)

I am off to the garden to work on a new project for the upcoming show. I'm trying to get all projects done this month so I can relax in Sept. and plan a few Fall classes.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Wow, that is a huge amount. Must have been that storm. Really nice assortment.

  2. Anonymous2:05 PM CDT

    Pat, what do you do with the sea glass. How do you use them in your crazy quilting? Nice to hear dad was there.......Debbie (Maine) rquirion@roadrunner.com

  3. Pat, that's some interesting glass...all I ever get are shells, shells and more and more shells when I go to the beach...lol! We've learned to pack a couple of buckets when we go to the ocean.
    I did a project years ago where we rubber stamped and painted on the sea glass...it has a real nice look!
    Nice treasures for the day!

  4. Pat, I wish I could have been with you. I haven't been on a beach in a few years, Sandwich on Cape Cod. No time this year either so thanks for the pics!

  5. Thanks for coming by! I have made green birdies...most of the birds please check out my flickr. I try to keep it updated. Nice to meet you.I have never even seen sea glass at our Oregon beaches, that is sooo beautiful! What beach were you at? I'm off to check out more of your blog. Laurie

  6. Wow, that's a lot of color, too! I look forward to seeing what you do with all of these.

  7. BEAUTIFUL!!! I hope to post the glass Franky has gotton me this week-end. Pat ~ i think I am going to go to the Seaglass convention in Delaware this fall.There is so much to learn about it! I will fill you in on all I learn there.I know that your Daddy blue is one of the rare colors!

  8. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH i love your sea- glass .
    This is a lot of treasures ;o)
    Rini - the Netherlands


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