Friday, August 08, 2008

Busy day!

We had a pleasant change in the temperature today. It was in the 70's with a slight cool breeze. You know where I was don't you? Working in the garden .....allllllll day!
Well, until DH came home,then we took our son out to dinner. We went to Red Lobster (where else?) and I tried the Salmon with pineapple,macadamia and coconut topping.....let's say it made the doggie bag. Not my thing. I did have two coconut shrimp and a Caesar salad....oh well you have to splurge sometime. I didn't even count points. Today is no points day!!! Do all of you Weight Watcher's out there hear me???? No points today!!!!
Don't you wish you could do that? Oh yeah!

Anyway, back to the fun naked ladies,aka August lilies, are opening. They are the pale pink very tall lilies with no leaves,which is where they got their nickname from. Their leaves come up in the Spring,and after 5 or 6 weeks, you easily pull them from the earth because by then they are turning brown and drooping over. Then in August, the beautiful blooms shoot up almost overnight. I am not joking. The stems can shoot up 12" over night. They are usually 4' tall or more and grow in groups. Some people line their driveway with them in a single row. I prefer natural groups. However you plant them, they are such a delightful flower,so feminine and delicate looking. I will get a photo tomorrow,I was just too busy to stop working to run in for the camera.

Also, the Turtle Head plant has one bloom. I love that plant. My friend Rose bought it for me in memory of my dad. It is huge this year and I can't wait for her to see it. It blooms a lovely pink flower that resembles a turtles head, nose and all.

And the "pod people" plant from my gardening friend down the road is about to bloom. I think one will be open in the morning. I will get photos of all then.

Today four sweet Comfort Dolls arrived from Charleen Pawlik. I haven't taken photos yet,but they will be on the blog soon. Thanks Charleen!!!

Sunday is my mother-in-laws birthday and Dh's brother's family will be visiting for the weekend so I spent a little time arranging more chaise lounges and chairs by the pool and pruned the Wisteria so it wouldn't be grabbing anyone by the neck,LOL. Those things grows so fast and furious. Especially smack dab in the open sun.

Well, I am tuckered out and am headed for a bubble bath. Tomorrow morning I can sip tea in a manicured garden and listen to the bird song. I won't forget to take pictures of the new blooms. Goodnight!


  1. I like your new look, Pat! I'm curious to see if what you call naked ladies is like our autumn-blooming crocus. From your description, it sure sounds like it. Sounds like you had a busy, fun day.

  2. Pat: We have these naked ladies blooming now all over the gardens here at Hydrangea House. One day they weren't there; the next day there they were! They are one of my other favorites in the garden other than hydrangeas. I've never heard them called August Lilies; that was interesting. I have some that are closer to the house that bloom later in the Fall.


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