Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Beach walk with Angell....sharing our treasures

This morning was a perfect beach combing morning. We had a huge storm with tornado's the night before yesterday and windy yesterday, so I knew the beach would be ripe for picking. Unfortunately mom had plans with a friend so I grabbed Angell and off we went. It was a beautiful sight with the water looking almost Turquoise and gentle waves creating a refreshing mist along the shore. Angell was doing great as she walked beside me, however it didn't last for long. She decided it was time for mom to do her job and carry her. With car keys tucked in my skimmers, (again, no pockets), Angell in one arm and one arm free to swoop up mermaid's tears, I was making my way down the shore. This became tiring very soon. Every time I bent to retrieve glass, Angell would get mad because her comfortable position was interrupted. I figured she was getting carried, so she needed to deal with it, and continued down the shore. A few joggers ran buy with morning greetings,and a lady with a driftwood cane stopped to pet Angell. The little snob growled at her and I apologized. She usually isn't so rude, but I guess she had enough of the bumpy ride I was giving her.

I kept wishing mom had been able to join me as I found pieces of turquoise glass which she loves, and a beautiful old broken china bit with green bows.

I placed them in my shirt pocket,which was all I had. As it filled with hard lumps, Angell was really uncomfortable. You should have seen the looks she was giving me...ouch! The sun was beginning to heat up so I turned around reluctantly and headed back. I found more on the way back than on the way down. I decided Angell could walk a bit more, after all, I had to work to lose my extra pounds, and she needed to do the same right? Well, that didn't set right with her. I kept walking slowly, and she kept purposely stopping right in front of me and looking up as if she were insisting I pick her up. As I looked down at her I spotted a yellow piece. That is really rare,and I was excited.

I was in my own world as usual when on the beach, when an adonis came walking by with a huge beautiful dog, and startled me. He asked if Angell wanted a ride. We laughed, and I felt guilty then and picked her chubby behind up. We continued on our journey and I realized that I was really getting thirsty. I had walked further than I ever have with mom. It was such a beautiful morning.

Next time I am shopping I am going to buy a baby snuggle thingy that looks like a backpack, only it hangs in front. I forgot what they are called, but I cannot carry Angell comfortably and I know she will not walk the distance that I want to go.

By the time we got to the car I had a sweaty,smelly ball of fur in my arms, which were covered with fuzz. Yuck! No one was in the parking lot so I danced around to get it off as the car was cooling and Angell was drinking. Whew! What an adventure. I know it was much easier taking my small son to the beach.....or am I just a bit older? Will I be able to handle grandchildren?

Below is our treasures for today. I am off to mow the front yard and then it is pool time. Have a great day and stay cool!


  1. Hi Pat...

    Your new template looks great!

    I loved your story about your walk with Angell, made me smile and laugh too! It reminds me of my two girls (Doxies)! I know the older they get the more spoiled and a little ornery they become! ~wink~ I think your idea of getting one of those snuggle things is a great idea! I don't remember what they are called either, but I had one for my boys! And, you will be a great grandmother one day!!!

    Man, you are always bringing in such a GREAT haul of glass and shells from the lake shore!!! How come there is so much glass there? We hardly ever find a piece of tumbled glass. Mostly we find shells, rocks, and agates. I'm envious of your finds and wish I could come and take a stroll with you! When I'm at the beach my face is always more down than up! LOL!

    Hugs...~Lisa ;-)

  2. Love your new look, especially since you kept that charming photo in the banner! Lovely post, too, and I am constantly amazed at what you find on your beach walks . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  3. Pat I love the new look! and I want to see a picture of your new "Angell' carrier when you go on your next walk.

  4. Melusine5:12 AM CDT

    I too am envious of your glass and wish I could walk along your beach. I particularly like that large piece of turquoise glass - such a beautiful shape - it is making me want to work on my mermaid piece even more (not that the design has finished evolving yet - when my brain is ready I will start cutting and stitching)


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