Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend and new blooms

Our weather has been hot but tolerable,and that is about to change I hear. 90's for the rest of the week. You know where I will be!

I haven't been creative this weekend. Aside from a bit of gardening and floating, I have been getting the 26th and 27th dozen Comfort Dolls ready to ship off.I enjoy slipping them into their little bags and sealing them up to begin their journey. Within two weeks, many dolls arrived from various donors. You will have to go check it out. I'm happy to say they are now in the mail. Whew!

Yesterday I spent at the Vets office getting Angell's vaccinations updated and nails clipped. Then my mom and her best friend who is visiting this week, went with me to return my son's tux and then we went shopping for a bit. I splurged and had a Panerra Bread Asiago cheese bagel. Yum!!!!It is only 6 ww points, so I was fine.

This morning I took a few pics of new color in the garden and around the yard. Next week the purple Cone flowers will be in bloom along with the phlox. So, won't you join me for a garden stroll? Watch your feet, the dew is still on the grass.......

The delicate Coral Bells have been blooming for a few weeks. I used to press the blooms to collage on greeting cards and bookmarks. It really is a beautiful shaped little bloom.

When I took a picture of the ant on the Cosmos......

I discovered this bright orange small rose bloom hidden beneath the day lilies. He must be moved this Fall.
Speaking of Day lilies................
they just started to bloom on Saturday. I can't wait for the peach and lemon yellow are in bloom.
The chameleon plant and Lamb's ear are a nice contrast I think.

The old fashioned Hydrangea is almost in full bloom. They will start to turn green after the mass of white blooms.

The Achillea has always been a favorite of mine. The white Achillea grows as a weed here in IN and I used to add it to all my arrangements of Cornflowers for mom when I was a girl. There is a beautiful rusty/peach Achillea that I alway plan on planting,but never do. Not sure why I always forget.
This plant was a gift from my friend Laney a few years ago. I lost the tag, but remember it was from the Climatis family. It looks nothing like a Climatis,and it doen't climb. I should look it up some day. I love the distinctive blue bloom and the textured large leaf.

I hope you enjoyed your stroll. Come on in for a glass of pink lemonade and let's catch up! I want to show you what arrived in the mail yesterday. It is from my sweet friend Vanessa. Isn't it lovely? It looks like she picked a bouquet for me!
I will either frame it for my sitting room, or add it to a CQ project.
Thanks Vanessa, I love it!


  1. Hi Pat,
    Maybe you want to stop in at Mind Wide Open and check out the latest post. LOL ;-)


  2. Hi Pat!!
    ♥ Congratulations! Very well deserved, your box is absolutely lovely! the blooms are gorgeous! Isn't summer marvelous?

  3. Pat,

    Thank you for the tour of your garden...it is so nice to look at the beautiful flowers you grow.

    Nice basket of flowers that Vanessa sent to you! I haven't done embroidery in a long while..

    Congratulations on winning...your box was stunning...it was a well deserved win...

  4. Congrats on the win - your box is sunning!

  5. Your gardens are awesome, Pat. The biggest thing I miss in our high desert climate here is being able to grow hydrangeas. When I lived in northern Ohio, I had lots of them.

    Regarding that photo of the dolls on my blog -- please feel free to copy it for any desktop use. I am so pleased you like it so much.

    Kathy V in NM

  6. The heat wave is arriving here today. Enjoyed your flower garden pictures. What a lovely gift from Vanessa too. Have a great day!

  7. Pat, congratulations on your win. I don't know how I missed that post to vote. Well, you certainly would have received my vote. Beautiful work!

  8. 27 Dozen...just outstanding! You must be beaming Pat!

    Oh, I love strolling through your garden!!! That orange rose is beautiful and your hydrangea looks huge. We just planted three in our yard last year and they are only about 4' tall but blooming! I love them! My cone flowers are just opening and the phlox will be a few more weeks I think. You have so many of the same flowers in your garden that I have! I don't have the chameleon plant (it is neat looking)...achillea plant...or the clematis! I remember reading about this one but don't remember the name either! The dragonflies are buzzing around and I just wish one would land so I could get a shot of him!

    Lovely bouquet from Vanessa! You are blessed. ~Lisa ;-)


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