Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thank you!!!

I wanted to thank all of you who sent emails, left comments, and voted for me. Each message was so kind and I do appreciate your comments. I can't say how much I enjoyed making the Remembrance box,and working with pretty colors and things. I hope you might find the time to join in one of Gail's challenges in the future.

She had a great idea to create a special blog, Mind Wide Open, offering challenges to us all, no matter what our preferred media might be. I really enjoyed meeting such a variety of artists and visiting their beautiful blogs and web sites.

I also wanted to let you know the Comfort Doll Blog has just been updated if you want to swing by and see the new doll arrivals. Thanks to everyone who makes it possible.


  1. Your memory box is lovely, Pat, and will be a cherished treasure, I'm sure!

    BTW, Patty is reigning over our garden window. We managed to catch a photo which is on my blog. Thanks again!

  2. I love your memories box its stunning.
    I have been over to vote for you.
    Im off to visit comfort doll blog
    bye for now love from sesga xx

  3. OO, I'll swing just about ANYWHERE to see dolls!

    xo, Monica :)

  4. Hi Pat,

    Thanks again for stopping by my blog. It is a pleasure to view your work.

    I have bookmarked you and I would like to link to your blog and possibly do a feature on your art one day soon?

    Please let me know if that would be okay, email me at: artist at (use the "at" sign and no spaces)

    kim aka imagesbykim


Your comments make me smile, I love hearing from you and thank you so much for taking a moment to stop by. Enjoy your day!