Thursday, July 03, 2008 findings to share

I have been browsing a bit here and there and thought there were a few findings I should share.

First, I was at Barnes thumbing through magazines and in the current Art Doll issue I saw a neat doll mobile by Monica Magness.I didn't know it was by Monica until after I studied it. What a sweet thrill. I wanted to shout....I KNOW HER!!!!! Isn't it funny when you find a project in a publication from someone you have "met" online , admire and consider a friend? It puts a smile on your face and an extra skip in your step. Way to go Monica!

As for browsing online, I stopped at Candi's etsy shop and saw a great kit idea she is offering for crazy quilting fans. She has gathered items and directions to make your own CQ postcards. They are so popular these days, and what a great little project to introduce you to CQ. Great idea Candi, and beautiful kits. Candi also offers beautiful silk ribbon, appliqu├ęs, and fabrics. Susan and Candi now offer beautiful kits to inspire. Susan also offers gorgeous dyed threads named after special women in her friend's lives. I was honored to have her name a group after my mother, Lois.

Then I meandered over to Lisa's blog and had a walk in her garden. I grabbed the photo of her rock rose and bee and now I have the most delightful, super clear, image of a favorite nature subject from a sweet artist and friend. Thanks Lisa.I hope you don't mind me borrowing the image. I am thrilled with my desktop background. It is so cheerful. Great photo, I can count the hairs on the bee, LOL.

Linda Walsh, aka "Blogging Queen" interviewed me for her, "Get to know the artists, crafter series" on June 11th. Linda has a gazillion blogs, all interesting and inspiring. This particular site shares many artist interviews for you to learn about and perhaps find a new passion. I haven't read them all, but they are full of info and great work.

My dear friend Lilla Levine opened an etsy shop and offers her gorgeous work. Trust me, Lilla's pieces are most certainly keepsakes. Lilla teaches as well, and her creations has been in numerous magazines. Just viewing her work is a gift to me. It is very romantic and feminine.

Rhonda Kivett has found her muse again and has created some very nice new doll forms. Let me tell you, Rhonda knows how to stuff a doll form! She offers various doll forms including sweet birds in her etsy shop and fun things she has made in her other shop.

Amber Dawn has been a name I have read several times. I had assumed since we were from different worlds, her being a mixed media artist,and I a crazy quilter, that our paths would most likely never cross. Not true! A week or two ago I read about a charity charm swap exchange on another friends blog. It was for the Pink Project so I wanted to join in. Just recently I had the privilege to "meet" Amber and I found her to be such a refreshing, sweet and sincere lady. I now realize it was on art-e-zine that I read so much about Amber who recently hosted a pin swap. That is the beauty of blogging. You never know who my be around the corner to enrich and inspire your life.

I hope you found something of interest among the sites shared. I am off to finish laundry and take a bike ride. It is sunny and cool which is perfect for a country ride. Happy 4th everyone! Celebrate with caution if you're having a fireworks display. Have a bite of watermelon for me!!!!!


  1. You know, while at B&N this past weekend, as soon as I saw your purse, I wanted to tell the lady next to me, "I know Pat."
    I did get to share it with my husband!

    It is true.
    It feels like a really fun happy rush of familiarity. I feel proud and excited all at the same time!

    It makes me giddy when I see my friends and online pals in print!

    ~*Thank you*~ for writing such a sweet comment about me!
    You made my day so much nicer!
    *Happy smile*
    We are not really too different!
    You made mixed media charms! Look at how many supplies you used!
    Actually, I used to stitch full time. I was a country and folk art artist at one time. I made dolls, bears, rabbits, cats, and country style clothing for them. Mini quilts, home decor and I still sew quite a bit when it comes to making purses and wrist cuffs! I even worked with Lilla once a couple of years ago on a project for a book she was trying to publish. I made a crazy quilt densely embellished purse for that.

    And Lilla, who has been so wonderful to me for several years, is so good at what she does.

    I am glad to know you Pat!
    Have a HAPPY 4th!

  2. Hi Pat. Thanks so much for mentioning my doll form shop! As a special THANK YOU, anyone that buys a doll form from my etsy shop during the month of July will get a free (randomly chosen) small doll form, in hopes that they will embellish it and donate it to the Comfort Doll Project.


  3. Oh are so sweet! Thank you for mentioning me and for swinging by and visiting! I am thrilled that you like the rock rose and bee and have it for your desktop background!

    You are so good at sharing the most interesting things on your blog! I will definitely check these out. I know Monica, have been a lurker on Rhonda's blog (I have got to get over this!!!), but I'm not familiar with anyone else! Thank you for sharing!

    I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! ;-)


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