Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pink Charms on their way to Amber Dawn's

I just found Amber Dawn's snail mail so I packaged up each fairy charm in their own little pink box. I had to add a pretty dragonfly sticker to ensure a quick and safe flight. These were really fun to make. Thanks again Amber!! I have saved these boxes for many years, wondering what to use them for. I found them at a bead and gem show in South Bend and they reminded me of the little girls jewelry containers I would buy many years ago at the Ben Franklin Dime store . I bought some of the jewelry just for the boxes. I used them for doll suitcases. You know, for when they go out of town, LOL. Everything has a purpose, and I believe these were meant for the Think Pink Charms Exchange.


  1. Very cute, Pat. As a 2-time survivor, I really appreciate these efforts toward a cure!

  2. So delightful --- and for such a worthy cause. I just love these little charms.

  3. Pat, About the little pink's it great to squirrel away little treasures like this for a rainy day! They're a perfect fit!

  4. These are absolutely wonderful...and the pink boxes with their dragonflies set them off perfectly.

  5. Those little boxes are perfect. I saved all of those when I was a kid too to use as 'treasure boxes'. I think I still might have a few squirreled away someplace. The recipients of these will be totally 'charmed' by them.

  6. These boxes are just perfect and pink too!!! Your charms are lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing the bracelets that Amber will make for the Pink Artist Drawing! ~Lisa

  7. Oh Pat, Your little charms look fabulous. Well done!

  8. I love-love-love those charms. And the boxes are a perfect touch. You've done good!!! Hugs Leslie Kenreich

  9. Thank *you* Pat,

    What a wonderful way to package them.

    I will let you know when they arrive.
    Thank you for caring Pat.
    PS...I like the idea that you used the ones you got in the past for traveling pretend time!

  10. Pat, I am going cross-eyed even thinking about something so small.
    You are too much.
    Wish I was getting one, sigh sigh
    aloha Lilla

  11. How wonderful, Pat! So gorgeous!

  12. Hi Pat...I have certainly seen your name around in the past couple of weeks! Congratulations on the win over at Mind Wide Open; your memory box is simply gorgeous! And now I find out you're also in the Think Pink charms exchange - how wonderful! I started working on my charms this evening; I'm trying a new (to me) technique of transferring an image to polymer clay. I hope my charms turn out half as beautiful as yours (and I'm hoping even harder that I get one of yours in exchange)!

  13. THEY ARE HERE!!!!

    And they are WONDERFUL!

    I will post pictures to the makesawish blog this weekend!

    Amber Dawn


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