Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Missing my muse

Somewhere, there is a creative muse wandering around. Perhaps she is sleeping, or on vacation? All I know is I miss her. Please come home soon. If you see her, please send her on her way home. She is wearing an orange embroidered Bohemian tunic from Boston Proper and her wavy hair is topped with a floral wreath with silk ribbons flowing about.

I have been so uninspired this week. I have a lot on my mind and I seem to be in a creative funk so I went to Shabby Cottage Studio and used my gift certificate from the challenge Gail hosted. They say shopping is therapeutic right? I think the new items I chose may get me going again, at least I hope so.

Among the chosen items, there were several digital images that arrived almost instantly. They are fantastic! I printed them on Poplin and I love the colors.
I just fiddled around with one that caught my attention right away,an altered image of a girl on a fish.
Yep! That's my kind of thing all right. As you can see, this will make a really cute little....oops!

I can't say what it is, because it is for a certain someone. If she strolls by here, the surprise will be ruined. Until it has been received by her, I will have to leave it at that.

I did dye ribbons this afternoon and let me tell you, my feet are tired. I have to stand to dye because I am reaching over dyes and washing,rinsing, dipping,soaking,and it just can't be done sitting down. This dye lot took 4 hours and I only got 200 yards dyed. Oh well, I may do a bit more outside tomorrow.

I always say if you can't make yourself create, don't sit and mope,build up your stash!


  1. Hi Pat, We just got back from a trip to CA down the coast of OR and then over to Palo Alto before heading u up the coast of CA on the way home. I thought of you when we climbed the sand dunes and strolled through the redwoods. Your garden is so beautiful; each part of our huge country has its own special charm! BTW, congratulations on winning the challenge!

  2. Pat, I hope she finds her way home soon. I have a hunch it won't be long before she walks in the door because she has missed you so much.

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an Award over on my blog. Please don't feel obligated to do it, but I do want you to know how much I enjoy your blog and appreciate your visits.

  3. Pat, Me too! I was on a roll for a week, creating 12 images for art licensing and then yesterday I hit the end of it. So...I went shopping! Sometimes it's good to get away from the swirling brain activity that just keeps going in circles and doesn't find a home to plant itself in an idea. It's scary! But we all go through it. "Busy" work in the meantime is a good idea too. It's so mindless that all those gray matter cells have a chance to recoup., eat chocolate, read a book, dream a little, have a glass of wine, take a'll be back at it soon!
    Diane :-)

  4. Hey Pat, I was out and about today and I saw this "sprite" walking in the woods as I was headed down the mountain, she um had orange embroidered Bohemian tunic from Boston Proper and wavy hair topped with a floral wreath with silk ribbons flowing about. I think it is your lost muse and she is heading home from her hike. ;-)


  5. She'll be back...I know it!!! Sometimes we all need a break and need to enjoy the life around us. And, looks like you did the right a little shopping and build up your stash!!!

    ~Lisa ;-)

  6. Retail therapy can be a good thing!!!

    You have been given the Kreative Blogger award. Stop by my blog and pick up the neat picture -- and, you have the honour of selecting five more bloggers : )

    Enjoy the week-end!!


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