Monday, July 07, 2008

I finished!!!

After a crazy busy weekend I did manage to finish my challenge piece. I will share it after voting begins but here is a tiny peek. I can't wait to see what others have created with the beautiful image provided. I can tell you that I made this for my beautiful niece who lives in Hawaii. Two weeks ago she had a baby girl and the image and prompt word, "Remembrance",we were provided was perfect. I really enjoyed this project and am happy with the finished item. I know Sophia will enjoy and appreciate it.

Thank you Gail for offering this challenge. It came at the perfect time. I really enjoyed making this project.


  1. Oh Pat, I can`t wait to see it!! :o)
    I´m so curious, hehe!! ;o)))

  2. Your tease photo looks beautiful!
    Good luck! Sharon
    Design Team Member for Gail

  3. So, do you go to the website to vote? I am anxious to see your project as well as the others although there's no contest as to where my vote will go!

    BTW, Patty has taken up residence in my garden window and seems very content. ;>)

  4. aloha Pat, can you believe we both did memory boxes. With the same sort of look?
    We are design sisters for sure. Good luck hope yours is a winner. The entries are all so different and gorgeous.
    aloha Lilla

  5. TEASE, you! Love the sneak peek but now I'm hungry for MORE!!!

    Now is this something we can all vote in or?

    Watch your email.



  6. Your niece is a lucky girl. I have seen the complete project over at Gail's and I love it. a certain embellishment to the far left of the piece is my favorite! Best of luck!

  7. Me again, sorry to take up so much comment space. I was about to leave your blog when I saw you have a book published on blurb. I'd love to chat with you about that experience.

  8. Your sneak peek looks beautiful! I'm sure Sophia will love it! She is a lucky girl for sure! ;-)

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  10. P.S. Oh my goodness!!! I have been visiting for quite awhile today! Do you ever sleep??? ;-)


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