Friday, July 25, 2008

Humminbird Moth ,blooms,and new packaging

A few years ago my husband ran in the house and asked me to quickly come out to see a tiny hummingbird on my flowers. I could not believe it was such a small hummer,and not as attractive as others I have seen. It was green with a wide stripe but the wings fluttered too quickly to view. It looked weird to me, but like a hummer,so that was that. Then one day a friend was describing the same tiny creature to me and said she learned it was a moth,not a hummer. I have seen a few since, but yesterday afternoon when I was photographing my new blooms, there was a hummingbird Moth feeding off the Phlox. I lucked out with having my camera so I quickly and quietly took a few photos. You can't see the wings because they are moving too quickly,but I was pleased to capture one on camera. It didn't seem to be afraid of me as it flew from one flower to the next with me following close behind. That was a very happy surprise.

Then I shot a few news blooms such as the Purple Coneflower....
Rose of Sharon tree.....
Globe Thistle..................

and a few more Daylillies.

After a little swing on the porch I decided to iron the silk ribbons I had dyed on Friday. As I was ironing, I got an idea!!!!!! I printed some new digital sheets on card stock to use for ribbon cards.
As you know by now, I love vintage images of people and nature. I have been gathering the wonderful images available from many digital artists that allow you to pay then download. I love this new way of shopping!

Anyway, here are some of my newly carded silk ribbons. I thought the cards could be use as book marks or in another project. I love the wings, I cut each set out and tied together with the ribbons to make a whole butterfly.
These are in my etsy shop, but most will be carded for the October quilt show. If I don't start stocking now, I will never make it in time.


  1. Hi! It looks to me like your Muse has returned, Pat. What a great and pretty way to show your wares! Those photos are very nice, too; I especially enjoyed your information on the humming bird moth.

    PS Patty says "hi"!

  2. Pat,
    I am back from vacation and catching up with everyone! your ribbon is not only irresistably yummy but the presentation on the cards are beautiful. I must go there next! Blessings Friend!

  3. Aren't those moths unbelieveable. My mom had some on her "bouncing Bet" flowers (like yours) and they would cover up the flowers. They are so huge when you think about a moth. Almost scary in a way.

  4. Funny, some years ago these hummingbird moths appeared all over our country. Most people hadn't seen one ever before and after this summer.
    I'm wondering where they come from and where they go...
    Love the ribbon cards! Great idea!

  5. Beautiful flowers and you managed to photograph the hummingbird moth. Thank you. I have never seen one. I just love your ribbon cards too. I saw the images and was wondering if I should get them. What a great way to hold your ribbons.

  6. Anonymous1:19 PM CDT

    Pat, I want some of those ribbons. Delightful and fluttery, aloha Lilla

  7. Pat, go to my blog and I have pictures of these moths on my butterfly plant. (Scroll down a couple of posts). Mine are really big (click the pic to make it bigger) and they "buzz" by my head and almost hit me when I go out in the garden. (

    p.s. I ordered some ribbon -- I just love your colors.

  8. love your moth pictures. they do look like a hummer ~ i have seen them before & have to do a double take... i sooo love your ribbons & the packaging is adorable. i will be back to order some! great job! just love them. hugs & blessings, vikki ♥

  9. Melusine3:53 AM CDT

    What a lovely idea on how to group the ribbons together - I particularly like the butterfly ones.

  10. this is so sweet and beautiful !!

  11. oh my gosh. YOUR PACKAGING IS SO CLEVER!

    I swear I want to buy the ribbons just for the cute little way you put them together.



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