Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Finished charms

First I must confess. Being a crazy quilter ,sometimes I just don't know when to stop.

After embellishing the charms, the word "sparkly" came to mind. There are a few sparkles from the metallic threads and beads, but they needed just another hint of "sparkle". Out came the super fine fabric glitter, more like dust actually.Let's say it is fairy dust!

On each wing, a bit of pink sparkle. Then I began soldering and cleaning the charms and again, "sparkle" wasn't happening as I had hoped. I went through my charms and decided a word on each would be nice. I soldered them on hoping it wouldn't be too much. I liked the words, but they needed pizazz. I washed a few in a pink Alcohol ink....that blended too well with the mini CQ piece, so off came the color....what to do? What else does a crazy quilter do in a pinch? Add beads!!!! Luckily I had exactly 12 of the pale pink cupped flower beads.....but wait....those looked so lonely, so I added the red flower bead and secured them both with a silver lined pink seed bead. Ta da!! Finis!!

I did manage to break a glass on the back of one just as I was finishing the soldering. I carefully broke it from it's frame and salvaged the mini CQ, whew! No glass splinters. Now to finish it, with a more gentle touch and I will be finished and ahead of myself for once.

It was a pleasure to create these little ones for the Pink Charm exchange. I hope the recipients like them. I am not great with soldering, but I do try.

Off to get in to something even if it's wrong. Have a great day!


  1. Pat,

    Your beautiful charms are so MaGiCal! What great craftmanship and artistry! You are a talented gal! I always love to drop by and get inspired! Have a lovely 4th! Many Blessings, Katie

  2. Those little charms are stellar! The recipients are going to be overjoyed!
    I love how you worked so diligently to get them just exactly perfect.

  3. They turned out just beautiful and they will be well loved!!! Perfect touch with the fairy dust, the charm, and, of course, the beads! I'm glad you were able to save the one with no splinters!!!

    Happy 4th of July!!! ;-)

    P.S. Any luck with shooting a splendid photo from the barn? ~wink~

  4. Pat, you stop it! Stop it right now! I no sooner discipline myself to just doing a few crafts besides quilting, both "sane" and "crazy", besides making jewelry and painting and gardening....and you show us that you've been making those pendants again with glass and foil and solder and they're beautiful! I've been promising myself to stop into a friend's stained glass store and learn...but I put it off. Now you're nudging me again! ;-)

  5. Pat,
    These charms are exquisite!!! I have participated in many altered charm exchanges...and nothing like these beauties! I am planning to join the Pink Charm Exchange and I truly hope I get one of yours.
    Thank you for inspiring us with all the beautiful things you do. Blessings,

  6. These are quite cool Pat!
    WOW~ You are so FAST!
    I look forward to sending them to some of the swappers (We have 29 so far, joining us!)
    They will LOVE them!
    Sparkles!!!! Very nice!!!
    They will be VERY special parts of the fundraising event as well!
    Thank you, for being a part of our team!
    *high five!*
    Amber Dawn

  7. HI,
    Amber Dawn led me to you blog and
    I am enchanted..these charms and
    quilts are stunning!

  8. Wonderful charms!! :-)

  9. Good Morning, Pat! Well, I still haven't found the time to learn this beautiful craft you've displayed here, but you always inspire me! I got out my "jewels" again last evening and created a necklace. As not only inspire me but nudge me to use all of the goodies I've accumulated over the years!

  10. I found your this evening through a comment you left on Lana's new blog. Your charms are beautiful! I love the shades of pinks and the mixture of elements for texture.
    I will be back to visit again!

  11. Pat!!
    Your charms are amazing!! The detail and the colors are wonderful for this Exchange!! I am also taking part- just had to after having worked on Squares for Our dolls skirt!! i am crossing my fingers that I get one of your fabulous charms!!


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