Monday, July 28, 2008

CQMag is out

I've had a busy and fun weekend, and I suppose I am last to mention that CQMag has the new issue available for your viewing pleasure. I returned this issue with an article on "Love Squared", which is just an awesome fund raiser for breast cancer. Art Doll quarterly has a wonderful article about her if you get a chance to pick it up. She is a popular gal!

I also made a crazy quilt/collage purse using the CQ method and no sewing!! There is an update on the Comfort Doll project, which at the time of writing the article we had hit the 25th dozen, but now we are up to 27 dozen who have found homes. I'm pleased to see so many who think abused women need to be shown some caring and love. Thank you.

There are many great articles to read and much eye candy, so grab a cup of tea and head to your computer. Enjoy! I am off to the beach!


  1. Enjoy some fun in the sun for me, too, Pat. It's only 55 degrees here!

    Do you have a photo of your CQ/collage purse. No sewing, how can that be?

  2. Thanks for the no sew purse instructions. I'm going to have to make one!

  3. Pat...thank you for sharing! What great articles, instructions, and a lovely article on the beloved Love Squared!!!

    ~Lisa ;-)


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