Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Award from sweet Diane

Diane flattered me with this award. Thank you Diane, I am honored to have been chosen by you.

With the acceptance of this award, are some rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

It is never easy choosing others for blog awards because every blog I visit and add to my sidebar are uniquely excellent.
However, to keep the award going, I must choose a few and they are in whatever order I happen to find them~~~~~~

Mind Wide Open~~~It is a new wonderful blog offering...fragments of inspiration for all,and challenges.

Wendy Shu~~~she does amazing tatted and bead jewelry that weakens my knees and she is as sweet as she can be. She loves nature and share beautiful photographs,has two adorable cats,and she enjoys CQ. Well rounded,sweet friend who inspires me.

Terri Takacs~~~ aka "Sweet pea" is a woman who oozes love for family,friends,and nature.In this day and age of fast paced lives and hustle and bustle to make a living and survive, this gal finds creative ways to keep her family tied together in a beautiful purple silk bow as well as making her friends feel special. She love crazy quilting and sewing projects and isn't afraid to explore life and share it with us.If you want to feel the love, visit her blog.

Judith Green~~~ another dear friend who I hold in highest respect and admiration. One who has faced a great loss and found strength to meet her goals, keep her family close,while finding a place within to creat gorgeous work and who makes friends feel very special.Judith is like a Peace Rose, beautiful yet strong in the most ferocious storm. Who doesn't admire that?

Lilla Levine~~~~an exceptional multi media artist and great friend whose work is music to my ears,food for my soul. I view her blog and dream. She lives in HI,which inspirs her beautiful creations. Lilla freely shares ideas and I am blessed to know her and be able to knock around ideas and enjoy challenges with.

Monica Magness~~~~I swear this woman never sleeps. She has the energy of a 4 year old after eating a pound bag of m&m's and drinking a six pack of energy drinks. Her mind travels as fast as her hands, and her heart is as big as they come. Monica brainstormed the pink projects' "LOVE SQUARED" doll and so much more. You will just have to go visit her blog. Hats off to you Monica!.....did I mention she is a sweet heart too?

Annie Bernstein~~~A cross stitch artist who continues to amaze me with her exploration of combining techniques for beautiful and unique dolls. I met Annie through the Comfort Doll project and what a treasure she is. You must go see her wonderful creations. Thanks for all you do Annie!


  1. Anonymous1:15 PM CDT

    Pat, thankyou,you mean a lot.
    Just what I need, more work!!
    Oh well off to the mines I go.
    aloha Lilla

  2. Laughing my socks off!! or make that flip-flops... they came right off! lol

    Pat, you are the SWEET-E!!!

    M&M's, my favorite... how'd you know? ;)

    Now, THANK YOU for this BRILLIANT award.. I'll try and keep my speech short..

    now I'd like to thank ..

    mom, dad,..


    I'd like to THANK you for always keeping me smiling. And I betcha didn't know this, but my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw your charms!!!! good golly, I'm having the biggest struggle working so SMALL. -laughs-

    Who needs sleep when we're having this much FUN?
    xo, Monica :)

  3. Hi Pat, thanks for your caring. You can now see my little entry.
    aloha Lilla

  4. Congratulations deserve this award!!! You do have a Brillante Weblog!!!

    Absolutely LOVE your thoughts on Monica!!! LOL!!! You do have her dialed and she is one BIG sweetheart!!! I will have to check on your other friends too! Thanks for sharing!!! ~Lisa ;-)

    P.S. I kid you my opinion...I don't think either of you gals sleep! I have been thinking that maybe that would be my answer!!! ;-)

    P.S.S. Now I am going backward to catch up!

  5. Hi Pat, I am stopping by to say hello... Love your blog!! I also have a blog, of course it is all Digital Scrapbooking- but you can go check it out if you want :) I can't wait to start playing with your creations digitally!! Have a great weekend :) Ginger

  6. Thank you Pat, for such kind words.

  7. I thought I left a thank you here the other day, but I don't see it now. Thank you so much for nominating me and saying such sweet things. You are so inspiring. I've passed the torch on my blog.


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